Our Liebster Award!

liebster 3

We were nominated for the Liebster award by http://amiesgoodness.com/ (Go check out her blog! It’s about health and beauty) Thank you so much for nominating us and making us feel like we are recognized out there in the blogging community.

Now, to be honest we didn’t really know what this award was so we did a little research and found out that this is an internet award for upcoming bloggers. You get nominated by someone and you have the option to CHOOSE to accept the award and PASS IT ON or not choose it and break the chain.

To know more about the award and how it works click on this link –> http://wordingwell.com/the-liebster-award-the-official-rules-my-first-blog-award-and-a-few-personal-secrets-revealed/

For obvious reasons *cough* to feel good about ourselves *cough* we decided to accept the award and now we have the power to pass on this magic MUHAHHAHAHAHAHA!

To be honest I think it’s a great way to motivate people to work more on their blog. It sure did help us feel accepted in the blogging community and we felt that our work was making a difference out there.

The rules of this award are pretty simple.


Liebster-Award-RulesBelow are Amie’s questions for us:

1. How many favourite people do you have in your life?

Beez: We are each others favourite person!

Raven: Yas! (Cause everyone else hates us)

Beez: We love each other more than we hate everyone else.(Whaddup Landline reference!)

2. Name 3 of your favourite body features you possess.

Beez: My hair, my long spindly fingers (maybe I’m a witch) and my collar bones?

Raven: I love my fat calves, the little bit of my tummy that exposes itself whenever I’m angry and my jiggly thighs.

3. If you had a choice to choose a country for permanent residence where would it be?

Beez: On this measly Earth? Underwater.

Raven: Narnia.

4. Do you love makeup? If so why?

Beez: I don’t love makeup because I don’t like poking my eyes and because chemicals.

Raven: I don’t like makeup cause I was born this way! *dances*

5. Have you complimented anyone today?

Beez: Do you seriously think I compliment people? I compliment only myself.

Raven: I compliment myself for clearing the junkyard that was our email and I compliment my budgies for loving me.

6. Favorite pizza outlet?

Beez: Papa John’s!

Raven: Papa Murphy’s!

7. Which is the hair color you want to try, but need add a little more bravery to do it?

Beez: Purple.. I’m am not afraid of the colour at all, but the chemicals that it brings with it.

Raven: I was going to say purple cause it’s my favourite colour but since Beez already mentioned it I would go with Electric Blue. I’m not afraid of getting it done but I’m just too lazy…

8. Favorite super-hero?

Beez: Raven, who’s my favorite super-hero?

Raven: I am Beez’s favourite super hero and my favourites are Black Widow, Storm and Iron man.

9. What do you most love about your country?

Beez: I love the fact that women get to have separate compartments in metros and buses and we get to stand in separate lines. That way we avoid all the stinky men (no offense men, we know you work hard but we don’t want to stand next to you in the metro when you stink so bad)

Raven: I love the safety and feeling of luxury we get from living here. We once came back home at around 11pm and felt completely safe.

10. The person who encouraged you to start your blog?

Beez: My fabulous head *flips hair* and everyone knows I was the one who influenced Raven to start it with me.

Raven: Beez brainwashed me into doing it. Hail Hydra! *whut*

For some reason or another we were only asked 10 questions by her. I think it’s because many people seem to have revised the rules but we will be sticking with the 11 question rule.


And now we come to 11 random facts about us!

1. We met around three years ago on April 2013 and this blog was made about a year after we became best friends.

2. We finish off each others thoughts and most of the time text each other the same thing and at the same time.

3. We have very very similar interests so similar that we sometimes can’t differentiate between ourselves.

4. We live in Dubai for all those people who don’t follow us on Goodreads. (This is a hint for you to go become our friend)

5. We tried to die our hair blonde once but failed terribly cause we didn’t bleach it and since we both have dark black hair, it just turned into a chestnut brown.

6. We can be pretty rude sometimes, not to each other but towards other people. We can sit and hate on others for hours and hours.

7. Beez is the only person I’m willing to give as much money as she wants but I’m also in no way ashamed of pestering her about giving it back. Cause best friends can do that and still not have to worry about loosening their friendship.

8. I love budgies and birds and animals in general but Beez is ONLY a cat person. (I DISAGREE I AM ALSO A GIRAFFE AND WHALE PERSON)

9. We have extremely tiny bookshelves that are overflowing at the moment. Of course that doesn’t stop us from buying more. The problem is that our parents don’t want to buy us a bigger shelf only for books cause we live in a rented apartment and anyone living in Dubai knows that rents shoot up so high sometimes that you keep shifting you entire life.

10. We have inner drug jokes that we crack when we are on imaginary drugs which is usually at midnight.

11. We are so badass that once we climbed the fence of a park to get out instead of using the gate…

liebster 1.jpg

Our questions for the bloggers that we have nominated (to be honest I believe everyone deserves the chance to be nominated so if you are an upcoming blogger who hasn’t been nominated yet then yes we nominate you):

1. What is your favourite memory?

2. If you ruled a kingdom what would you call it and what kind of creatures would live in it? (go crazy with this answer)

3. If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?

4. Do you have a pet? And if you don’t, would you want one? If so which one?

5. How would you survive a zombie apocalypse?

6. What are your favourite T.V. shows?

7. What is one book universe you really really want to live in?

8. If you were to kill someone (morality and threat of being caught aside), how would you do it? (Be creative here)

9. How do you think the world will end?

10. Which people are you comfortable farting in front of?

11. Do you have a tattoo? If yes what is it? If no, would you like one and of what?

And now for our nominations!

Some rules say that we should nominate people with less than 200 followers, and some say less than 1000, others say less than 2000, but my question is how on earth would we really know how many followers they have? So we have just nominated some blogs that we really like and who we think deserve more followers.












So once again, thank you so much for nominating us! I hope everyone keeps following us and loving us. We will try to be very consistent this year with our postings. If you guys comment and like our posts it will encourage and motivate us a lot.

This is Raven and Beez,

signing out~

11 thoughts on “Our Liebster Award!

  1. thanks Raven and Beez for stopping by my blog πŸ˜€
    I reposted your post onto my wordpress.com site bookreviewsbykat as I will probably have to wait till I relocate to have a good think on what blogs I would nominate – and yes I have seen this award before on other blogs, but you are the first to nominate me – SO THANK YOU!
    I look forward to seeing what books you both read when I have sorted my life back on the island of the long white cloud – Aotearoa

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Reblogged this on bookreviewsbykatblog and commented:
    Ok my other site http://www.katsbookpromotions.com was one of the blogs nominated by Beez and Raven, I love how Bibilophiles are so giving πŸ˜€ and Yes I feel your pain about having overflowing bookshelves.
    So THANKS for choosing my site and I will sit and think about who I will nominate. It may take a little while as I am currently in the process of moving ( all my books are in boxes in some shipyard waiting to go to NZ — thank goodness for my kindle!)
    Kat – ps this site is my ‘review only site’ hopefully WordPress don’t shut it down like they did my very first blog katsindiebookblog, which is what my facebook page was named after https://www.facebook.com/katsindiebookblog/?fref=ts
    happy reading everyone – Kat

    Liked by 1 person

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