Narnians in Hogwarts

TLTWATWI had read the lion, the witch and the wardrobe about a year ago so naturally I didn’t remember half the story when I decided to read the whole series for once and for all in the right order.

While re-reading this book, I came across this one part which made me think that maybe I’m turning into one of those English teachers who dwell too much on the colour of a curtain in the book…

This was the paragraph (it’s in the first chapter) that got me thinking:

“It’s an owl,” said Peter. “This is going to be a wonderful place for birds. I shall go to bed now. I say, let’s go and explore tomorrow. You might find anything in a place like this. Did you see those mountains as we came along? And the woods? There might be eagles. There might be stags. There’ll be hawks.”

“Badgers!” said Lucy.

“Foxes!” said Edmund.

“Rabbits!” said Susan.

I think it’s pretty clear what I’m hinting at but I want to give a huge lecture on it anyway.

As you just read, the animals Peter mentions are animals that are mostly identified with honor, royalty and independence, clearly hinting that that is how Peter’s personality is.

The same goes with the other characters.

Badgers are said to be loyal, honest and truthful creatures and we know that Lucy is exactly that way.

Edmund mentions foxes, cunning creatures who will do whatever they can to get whatever they want.

Susan says rabbits. Now, at first I thought she said rabbits cause they are very pretty and cute creatures so maybe it was her physical characteristics that was being referred to but that would be unfair as the other characters respective animals described their personalities.

So I did a little googling and found out that rabbits are identified as creatures that provide comfort, abundance (of love?), nurture and fertility. (I also ended up watching bunny videos for about an hour because of this)

This also got me thinking that maybe I could classify them into Hogwarts houses.

Peter obviously belongs in Gryffindor, Lucy in Hufflepuff, Edmund in Slytherin and Susan in Ravenclaw (I had doubts about her being in Ravenclaw, I thought she also might be Hufflepuff but she is the only one that provides most of the smart suggestions)

So there it is, my little weird and random post about how I’m going to start tutoring people in literature.

Lots of love and rabbits,


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