5 Buzz words that make us go buzzerk

Buzz words are words mentioned in book blurbs that will definitely hook you in. So, If a book has any of these below mentioned words in the description, we will want to read it 10 out of 10 times. Tell us your buzz words in the comments!

We were inspired by Cece (problemsofabooknerd): Buzz words, Top 5 wednesday

Here goes ours:

1. Physical disability

Wonder one me before you

Beez: I don’t always like book trends but I happen to love this one. I just feel physical disability is a hella interesting topic with this very earthly undertone that we all need to be reminded of in this consumerist-ic fetish world. If written well, I do not mind if this book is very simple and retells an already common story line.

Raven: I don’t necessarily prefer physical disability books (mostly cause they make me super sad) but if the said book, like Beez said, has an earthly undertone to it then I love it. I haven’t read any of the above books except Me Before You (quadriplegic male character) which I absolutely loved and I am looking forward to reading Wonder (chromosomal abnormality) and One (conjoined twins-which is written like a poem).

2. Zombies

Warm Bodies THZSH

Beez: Me and Raven once went through this phase (and we’re not fully out), where 80% of our conversations revolved around the zombie apocalypse and how we would escape and survive and fight, every single time we went to a place. We never got tired of it. So yeah, we’d read zombie books.

Raven: Yep, that phase was intense. We were inspired by The Walking Dead of course (can’t wait for it to start again this Valentine’s day!) I sometimes get into a fierce workout routine because I wanna survive the zombie apocalypse. Beez and I even missed our stop once while on the metro because we were discussing about zombies with supreme intensity.

The Happy Zombie Sunrise Home is an amazing short zombie story and Warm bodies is a very unique zombie-telling, both of them are recommended reads for zombie lovers.

3. World War 1 & 2

The Book Thief 18143977 SWYAATL

Beez: All coz of The book thief man.

Raven: My first book about World War was Stay where you are and then leave by John Boyne. It took place around the end of World War 1 and I was very skeptical when I started reading this book because even though I liked history I didn’t really prefer fictional history, but this book blew my mind and since then my favourite buzz word has been World War. I haven’t read All the light we cannot see but I do intend to read it soon and I don’t even have the words to mention how much I loved book thief.

4. Theme: Death, crime and psychological issues


Beez: So being morbid creatures, we happen to have an extreme liking of anything to do with death and killing and murdering and assassins and the sort. Completely normal.

Raven: I have a weird obsession with serial killers. I love to watch T.V shows and read books that describe how criminals think because it’s creepy but also fascinating to know that someone can actually think like that.

5. Intellectual blurgh

18143977 LFA TPOBAW

Beez: This is much less like a buzz word but something I absolutely adore in books and it is when authors include mechanics of the action. Think Ice Princess and her using hard core physics to do a perfect (I forgot the word, twirl?) (Actually the word is Triple Lutz I think… What are you saying? Of course I didn’t watch Ice Princess a thousand times!). I love it when the sci-fi in sci-fi books is explained, physics and math and all. I like that if someone is a nature lover and their mom introduced them to plants and types, then they use the scientific word and explain and show me the beauty!

The reason for this, other than the obvious, is that it shows me a way to appreciate stuff and see it’s beauty through other peoples eyes. It gives me perspective on things and it captures my heart. I don’t quite like biology but I love all the parts related to biology in All the light we cannot see. So authors, go in depth!

Raven: I agree with Beez. As science lovers we love to feel smart by reading books that explain to us the beauty of how things work. We have included Looking for Alaska and The perks of being a wallflower because even though they don’t have much of a science of objects they do go in depth explaining the “science” of life and that is beautiful.

I love to see things in different peoples perspective, it makes me think about it for weeks and that’s usually what I want in books. Something that will keep me ‘buzzing’ for days.

So those are our 5 buzz words. Feel free to make your own post about your favourite buzz words. If you are reading this post right now then consider yourself tagged/nominated but we would also like to mention certain blogs:

theriverofbooksblog.wordpress.com, fictionjunglebookblog.wordpress.com, yourdaughtersbookshelf.wordpress.com, sammiesbooknook.wordpress.com, embuhleeliest.wordpress.com and abookwormsperfectapple.wordpress.com

You can do this if you like, no pressure. We know some people like doing these chain posts and others don’t.

This is Raven and Beez,

Signing out~

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