Books I’d time travel to read again

This post has been inspired by Jesse’s video: Books I’d time travel to read again

I think the title is explanatory enough. So, here is a list of books that we would love to time travel (into the past of course) to read them and experience their amazingness all over again.

1. The Harry Potter series by J.K.Rowling

Hogwarts.jpgRaven: I guess this one is pretty obvious. No matter how many times I read the Harry Potter series again and again, it will never feel like it did the first time. When I first read this series I felt like I had found a new amazing home that accepted me as I was and now when I read it it’s all so familiar, it’s like returning home after a long summer vacation. Of course, I love the feeling of familiarity but I wish I could relive the wonder. (Also who is excited to read the Cursed Child? Give me a WOOHOO in the comments!)

Beez: When I read Harry Potter, I wolfed it down hungrily. I spent whole nights reading because I couldn’t put it down and then grabbed the next one. I don’t think I ever fully appreciated the masterpiece I was reading except for reading it like it deserved to be read. And can you ask more of a good book? So yeah, I’d like to read it like that again, high on the story and taken away by the action and just so engrossed, without ever thinking of the world about. #Iwascoolbeforeitwascool (?)

2. Fangirl and Landline by Rainbow Rowell


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Raven: I don’t really wish I could go back in time to read Landline but I totally wish I could read Fangirl all over again. We read this book when we had just entered into the whole fangirling world I believe so naturally this book holds a very special place in our hearts and also because of LEVI!

Beez: For me, Landline was all about getting to know Neal and knowing this in-explainable feeling that pained for him, yet loving him and Georgie together and their world and it giving me life and making me traumatized at the same time. The last time I read it (second time), I was reminded of how much I loved the story and all its quirks. Oh how I’d like to go through it for the first time again. (I’d cry) (I cried the first time too).

Fangirl was like knowing a book that is me yet I never knew it was there. All of Fangirl was wonderful, the characters, the story, the relationships, the everything, and it spread this feeling of warmth and home through me. I resonated with Cath so much and I fell in love with Levi and all of it was so precious and hence I want to live it again, for the first time.

3. The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater

raven boysRaven:  This book was absolutely magical when I first read it. There was a whole new world opened up to me about Welsh Mythology and the ley lines. Her writing was so gripping. The details and the characters! Dayum, I would give anything to time travel in the past to read it again and feel those FEELINGS!

Beez: I remember reading the first book of the series (Raven can attest) and falling in love with ALL of the characters. I would kill to meet all of them all over again and go through the process of getting to know them and inviting them into my heart and making them a place in it.

4. Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen

FlippedRaven: This book was just so cute and heartbreaking that I would love to live it all over again… that doesn’t sound masochistic at all.

Beez: I read Flipped long ago and I remember loving it so much and it being so special and giving me butterflies in my stomach. I wasn’t all that formed in the brain and yet I knew this book was a treasure. I’d sure love to relive that, especially with my younger self’s innocence (or even now).

5. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

The Book ThiefRaven: I went through my entire ‘feelings reserve’ while reading this book and I honestly don’t mind doing it again. This book was written from the POV of Death, it’s set during the World War 2 and it’s about a girl who learned to read and fell in love with books. There is nothing in this book that I didn’t love.

Beez: The Book Thief is a book that breaths life into you and kills you at the same time. I’ll treasure and prize the story and hold it on an extra-high pedestal, but reading those words for the first time (before the movie), would be amazing (who am I kidding? I need it!).

So those are the five books that we would love to relive (reliveread?) through. Tell us yours in the comments below! Or consider yourself tagged and make a post about it and put your link in the comments for us to check it out.

This is Raven and Beez,

Signing out~

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