Top 5 Wednesday: Biggest Book Hangovers

There are some books that leave you hollow, that suck your soul out and leave a pleasant emptiness, the kind of emptiness that lets you know that yes, you just read the best book ever. So this is a top 5 list of the books that left us feeling like we couldn’t function anymore.

#1 The book thief by Markus Zusak

The Book ThiefRaven: This book is on #1 for a reason. After reading this book I felt like I wanted to do something, anything to make this world a better place. And honestly, this is the only book that made me to go to the washroom by the end to read the final few pages because I was wheezing and weeping and there was snot all over my face… it was bad.

Beez: This book left a gaping hole in my heart. It was so beautiful and the words are so precious that you never want it to end, but when it does, it’s so heartbreaking.

#2 Looking for Alaska by John Green

LFARaven: This book didn’t make me cry a lot but yes it did make me go ‘WHY???? WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME JOHN GREEN??’

Beez: The first time I read this, I couldn’t enjoy it so I wasn’t affected. But the second time, I liked it and after reading the book, I did spend a few hours just thinking…


#3 Split second by Kasie West

Split SecondRaven: … I liked Pivot point better…

Beez: I sobbed so much for this book. It was a mixture of hormones, exam stress, late night reading blues and a happy book series ending.

It’s funny because this book was not sad at all and the ending was quite happy and I actually don’t even remember the contents of this book very clearly. But I was very emotional at the time I finished this and it was very late and I was feeling very nostalgic and the burdens of life had gotten to my soul, so I couldn’t stop sobbing.

#4 We were liars by E. Lockhart

WWLRaven: This book didn’t make me cry at all but yes when I found out what happened in the end… I was left incapable of performing my daily functions (which is to survive life) because I had not seen that plot twist coming and when it did, it hit me pretty hard right in the feels.

Beez: This book shocked me. I talked to Raven after reading the shocked part and she could tell from my voice. I didn’t cry either, but I was definitely shaken up and had to collect my feelings and thoughts and take a step back and just think.

#5 The Harry Potter series by J.K.Rowling

HogwartsRaven: We were not going to mention this series because we seem to mention it in almost every list but COME ON! When I was done with this series I texted Beez asking for forgiveness for anything stupid I had done to hurt her feelings because DAMNIT! I FELT LIKE I HAD LOST A FRIEND.

Beez: I absolutely don’t remember how I felt at the end of the book.

I loved this series to death but the way I remember reading it was- inhaling the books without a seconds thought.

Although, I remember reading Deathly Hallows a second time and I finished it in the middle of the night and then I don’t think I slept that night.

And that is how we wrap this top 5 Wednesday list! Tell us your biggest book hangovers in the comments below so we can fangirl together.

This is Raven and Beez,

Signing out~

[Top 5 Wednesday was created by Booktuber named Lainey at Gingerreadslainey and you can find other T5W-ers, the topics and guidelines on the Top 5 Wednesday Goodreads Group.]

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