Top 5 Wednesday: Fictional items we want

You are lying if you say that there is not even one thing you’d want to have, that exists in a fictional world. This is the list of the top 5 things we would love to steal from another world because clearly our world is too boring.

It was super hard to compile this top 5 since there are soooo many things that we would like to have but anyway, here it is.

#1 T.A.R.D.I.S from Doctor Who

This tops the list since it is literally a sexy box that will let us travel through time and space. What’s not to like??

#2 The Invisibility Cloak from Harry Potter

I think it’s pretty obvious that this item would have made the list. We try really hard NOT to put Harry Potter in every list but it finds its way in Every. Bloody. Time! The problem here is that the Wizarding world has manifested itself in us.

#3 The Neuralyzer from Men in Black

Raven: My entire childhood was me just watching endless repeats of men in black, it’s probably why I’m so weird. I think that this is the most practical fictional item ever. If you’re ever in an embarrassing situation, just whip this out and neuralyze everyone. No one will remember anything.

fictional items.jpg

#4 The Point of View gun from Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

Once again, this is such a practical item. We wouldn’t have so many pointless wars and arguments and misunderstandings if we could just understand the other persons point of view. Thank you to the Intergalactic Consortium of Angry Housewives for commissioning this wonder.

#5 Lightsabers from Star Wars

Vrãu Vrãu Vrãu

That’s the top 5 wonderful items we would love to have. Tell us yours in the comment below!

This is Raven and Beez,

Signing out~

[Top 5 Wednesday was created by Booktuber named Lainey at Gingerreadslainey and you can find other T5W-ers, the topics and guidelines on the Top 5 Wednesday Goodreads Group.]

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