Sid Red Rim by Haley Kate

Sid red rimPublication Date: October 7, 2015

Publisher: Book Worm

Pages: 97 (Kindle pages)

Targeted Audience: ALL ages

Genre: Middle grade/ Horror/ Supernatural

Link to Amazon: Sid Red Rim eBook

Blurb: Sid is a boy far older than his years. A curse from a witch has had unnatural side effects including the ability to converse with the dead. Fortunately for him, the cure to all his ailments lies in the memory of two ghosts. Two ghosts he is determined to find, for Sid has NEVER slept.

This is a short story about a boy named Sid who has never slept. Ever. He was born normal but his mother was not too happy about her infant sleeping all day so she decided to go to a witch and get her to do something about this “problem”. Needless to say, she cursed him. Now Sid could NEVER sleep.

In this fantastic world that Haley Kate created, normal people liked to be, well… normal. Any person that deviated in the slightest was cast out and these unfortunate people gradually made their way to the clan of Tweed. A place where cast-outs lived a normal life, safe from all the judgemental eyes. Sid came in to this little sanctuary like every other individual who had got there, he floated on the river in a wicker basket.

This story is beautifully written. The world building is fantastic and I absolutely loved all the characters. Mo and Mindy were amazing foster parents to Sid. Cara was such a friendly character who showed Sid that not all normals were bad. And the hilarious ghosts and Brownies (tiny little beings) were great supernatural characters.

Since Sid can’t sleep at all, he has red rimmed eyes (hence the name) but the thing I loved the most about this book was how Haley Kate has explored the consequences of not being able to sleep. The physical ailments of Sid were something I had completely overlooked when I read the blurb but it inserted a sort of urgency to the whole situation.

We know that Sid NEEDS someone to undo his curse and when he hears about the Candy Brothers, legendary story tellers who were able to put anyone to sleep, Sid knew he HAD to find them. Only problem, they were dead.

But Sid can see and listen to ghosts, unlike Mo (Sid’s foster father) who can only hear them and Mindy (his dwarf foster mother) who can’t do either. So that’s how we end up going on a journey to the Candy Brothers castle, hoping that their ghosts would at least be able to undo the curse.

I love how creative and imaginative the book was. I guess it could be a little scary for very young readers but I would highly recommend people to read it. There were no dull moments or moments where I felt the book was dragging. Since it was short everything happened at a good pace.

The book even ended so beautifully that I cried a little. It has been a long time since I’ve cried at a happy ending but it’s not the kind of happy you are thinking so you’ve got to read it to find out.

I would just like to say how much I adored this story. It was very hard for me to put it down. Every time I had a few minutes to myself I read this book. I would recommend this book for people of ALL ages.

Copy of Review bannerWhy should you pick this book? If boys who can’t sleep, treasure hunting girls, funny ghosts, kelpies, tiny warriors and heart warming stories interest you, then this book is a must read.

One of my favourite quotes from the book is:

“For outcasts, you certainly are judgemental!” he scolded. “Cara knew about me seeing ghosts and found it fascinating.” 

“Children are different,” Mo tried.

“Then maybe we should all be a little more like children!” Sid said.

Ratings: 5/5 Loved it!

5 cupcakes

5 cupcakes for this beautiful book

Lots of love,


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