Beez’s Friday finds

Friday Finds is a meme hosted by Books and a Beat. It was created to showcase all the books we’ve added to our TBR piles in the past week.


I’m going to let you in on all the books I’ve added on my TBR pile and reasons for hence. Be cautioned- I am bizarre and I like philosophy.

BeFunky Collage

#1 The killer next door by Alex Marwood

Beez: If you live in Dubai, and don’t know about the following piece of information, this is going to be your lucky day. Some metro stations allow you to borrow books and that’s amazing. So this is one book I picked up because well, it sounded hella interesting and creepy.

#2 The age of genius: The 17th century and the birth of the modern mind by A. C. Grayling

Beez: Basically, I’m interested in the evolution of human intelligence. And I also met this author and was extremely interested and flabbergasted by what he said. So there. Also, a book actually about the evolution of human intelligence is The dragons of Eden by Carl Sagan!

#3 The girl in the well is me by Karen Rivers

Beez: I read a review of this in my local newspaper (Weekend review, if you’re interested) and it really really piked my interest. Read the blurb of it here and see for yourself.

#4 Lily Alone by Jacqueline Wilson

Beez: I picked this up at my university library because I felt like it? Jacqueline Wilson is always a nice read so. Also, I have met her *eyebrow waggling*.

#5 PopCo by Scarlett Thomas

Beez: This seems like a very interesting and different read, also spotted at my uni library, so I really want too read it.

BeFunky Collage2.jpg

#6 Europe and the Middle East: In the shadow of September 11 by Richard Youngs

Beez: I’m into politics. I live in the Middle East. I was a child when 9/11 happened and I haven’t faced anything because of it consciously but I’m a Muslim and it affects me and the image of my religion so it’s time to find out.

#7 The new world of International Relations by Roskin and Berry

Beez: University holidays doesn’t mean no intellectual simulation. I crave intellectual simulation. And I adore politics, so hence. Also to follow up I’ve got The middle East in International Relations by Fred Halliday. Low-key wannabe intellectual.

#8 The girl with the dragon tattoo by Stieg Larsson

Beez: It’s about time I read this book. I’ve had the first book for ages and now I have the second book so no excuses tolerated. 

#9 Well by Matthew McIntosh

Beez: This book is completely bizarre yet quite good (I read some part in the middle). And it’s sad and I’m down a lot so I really like it too.

#10 Atonement by Ian McEwan

Beez: I also saw this at my university library and since always wanting to read Ian McEwan and having watched the movie Atonement, I want to read this book and so I shall.

So these are a few books in my tbr. I’ve got a long holiday ahead and tons of time and so much brain space, which means, self-destruction and annihilation is evident.

Happy Friday,


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