Up-close n personal: The Raven boys

So by now I expect you will have heard about the *ahem* great series called The Raven cycle by *ahem* the great Maggie Steifvater.

(If you haven’t, um, what?)



So like I said, the series is *GREAT*, which is basically me containing all my feelings for this *somuchgreat* series. If I let my heart unleash the real meaning of *great*, that’s all this post would be about.

But because of a different objective, I have just used the *ahem* great.

This post is basically about how it’s so *great*. I read the first book in the series and I just noted my favorite and most liked parts and the little things that make the series so *great*! So follow me (into a list that is infinite):

[Basically, I took notes while reading parts of the book. Read only if you’ve read the book, it’ll only make sense then. I hope this list reminds you of them, the Raven boys and you remember the little things you forgot and the whole magic of it.]

Did you know that Blue needs sleep for quality spikes (for Noah to pet)?

  1. Adam sending Blue flowers- “I hope you still want me to call.” So little, but so much- because it’s Adam. Again, so little, but so much, because it’s Blue.
  2. Adam and Blue’s first conversation on the phone and Blue being so unapologetic-ally herself. Man, Blue is self-confident goals.
  3. Their first trip in a helicopter – Adam being sweet – witty conversations and an over-protective Ronan (kinda always) – Blue observing Gansey closely to find out who is he really – Gansey being subtly intimate with his journal *so much love*
  4. The demeanors they all posses, Gansey polished, Adam shifting, Ronan carefree, Noah confused.
  5. How to know if Ronan is cool with you – he’s making jokes or insulting you.
  6. Maggie Steifvater writes feeling so well (*inserts entire book*)
  7. Gansey watching Blue thumb his journal like the back of his hand ->advice on making spectacular characters.
  8. Gansey and Adam’s no speak required bond which Blue is jealous off.
  9. Adam’s hair is the same colorless brown as tips of old grass.
  10. How Gansey is so unknowingly condescending but that’s just Gansey.
  11. The soul, the animus, the quiddity – the whatness.
  12. Oh, these boys- how they’ve fallen for Blue.
  13. Blue & Adam holding hands – what a strange combination – the bizarre looking sharp girl – the quiet frayed looking delicate elegant boy.
  14. Pages- 223 + 233 + 234.
  15. Blue’s vision in the hallucinatory tree- Gansey asking her to kiss him (THE RAVEN KING????????)
  16. He likes the name Jane. (this is how he starts calling her Jane)
  17. Sigh – with so my happiness it’s like sadness. (from actually book line)
  18. Ronan is baby mama (to Chainsaw and everyone)
  19. What came first- Blue treating the boys as friends, or them all becoming friends?
  20. Gansey is like the one they come to after, he sorts them out.
  21. Gansey saying Top Shelf.
  22. How Blue is slightly daunted at the prospect of seeing Gansey alone – they’re such a unit, they’re scarily inseparable. Also, Gansey falters.
  23. Family goals – Pg 258 + 259
  24. Is driving an old, loud Camaro the male equivalent of shredding your tee shirts & gluing cardboard trees -re-purposed canvas *the environment breathes a sigh of relief*- to your bedroom walls?
  25. Jane and Dick.
  26. I love the so many layers and sides to Gansey.
  27. Oh, this book is so filled with magic.
  28. Blue questioning who would she be without her family.
  29. How Gansey is without his a-okay mask on and how he plays the role of the moderator, no matter what.
  30. Adam feeling caged.
  31. Gansey wanting to be like Adam and Adam wanting to be like Gansey.
  32. Adam and Gansey fighting break my heart but I love it so much.
  33. Adam & Blue sitting on a tree – definitely not K I S S I N G
  34. “Blue was suddenly afraid for him (Adam).”
  35. Adam breaks my heart.
  36. I hate everybody who doesn’t like Adam.
  37. Who makes Noah- Blue stronger, Gansey human and Ronan belong.
  38. Adam doesn’t think he’s enough nor does he think he’s equal to Gansey *breakheart*
  39. Gansey wants to be like Adam because Adam was so very real and true in a way that Gansey couldn’t ever seem to be.
  40. Blue’s room= green lamp light, canvas trees decorated with collaged and found paper leaves, dried flowers on closet doors, ceiling fan hanging with feathers and lace.
  41. Drugs are no fun- their effects are proven (Blue logic).
  42. Blue’s first sneaking out (combined family effort, A+).
  43. Ronan writing ‘Remembered’ on the dusty car where Noah was writing ‘Murdered’.
  44. Excelsior- onward and upward.
  45. Adam – a study in survival.
  46. Blue thinking: Nothing really bad has ever happened to me.
  47. Pg 398.
  48. Gansey’s drastic reaction to Whelk dying – take lesson humans.
  49. ‘Gansey felt loss looming.’

And hence the notes get over. Obviously I’ve shortened them quite a bit and yet they are 50. Tbh I could write a whole book on why The Raven cycle series is so amazing. But here’s a blog post instead.

GO gaga with me in the comments.

Lots of love,


6 thoughts on “Up-close n personal: The Raven boys

  1. The Raven Cycle is my current obsession. I have been marathoning the series, and am currently on the final book. Excited to find out what happens, but also sad that it will all end soon. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  2. All you’re little notes made me so emotional right now. I’m so in love with this series and the characters, I could spend days exploring each of them. I love how Maggie Stiefvater explores the different relationships within the group. There’s so much to be said about Gansey and Ronan, Ronan and Adam, Adam and Gansey, Ronan and Blue, etc, etc, until the end of time. How far into the series have you read?

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