Curse the day: The Unveiling #1 by Zachary Koala Hardison


Publication Date: March 29, 2016

Targeted Audience: Young Adult/Adult

Genre: Fantasy/Supernatural

Amazon link: Curse the day


As far as reading books about angels go, I have read zero. So when I picked up this book I was super excited cause asfafdtagnh! The only knowledge I have about angels is from my religious books and SUPERNATURAL. *insert me crying and sobbing*

*also insert me feeling guilty for not having seen more than 5 and a half seasons*

Coming to the review of this book, the story doesn’t centre around any one particular character. There are numerous POV’s in this book but technically speaking the major characters are Eliot and Eva (who I totally ship together) and Azrael (the anti-hero, of sorts).

Azrael is tired of all the evil on Earth and has decided to go rogue a.k.a kill every one who commits crimes- the blackhearted. Eliot and Eva on the other hand are hell bent on stopping him. But when you are dealing with forces that you do not understand, it’s a teeny bit difficult to get things under control. The same can be said about the military and the super secret and super amazing team Echo, who are out in the sea, trying to understand what monstrosity could have possibly submerged the worlds strongest war machine without so much as an explosion.

The writing style is very simple and easy to understand. It helped me fly through this book with the speed of light (I may or may not be exaggerating). The plot has been put together fabulously and honestly I think that this series couldn’t have been started off in a better way. I’m so pumped to hear more news about the upcoming novels!! Even the really gruesome torture methods and scenes were done so well that they made me cringe and close the book because I felt myself shiver with unease and I LOVED THAT! (I’m normal, I swear)

I love the characters in this book so much! I love team Echo with my life. I want to adopt them but I also want them to fight the bad stuff. UGH!! *dilemma* I love that Eliot and Eva are just slowly falling for each other and that is just so cuuute!! If they start bantering in the future books I think I would die cause that would be A+


Me, whenever I read a scene with Eliot and Eva

I can officially say that this is by far one of the best novels I’ve read this year. I highly recommend EVERY fantasy/supernatural reader to read this book cause you will NOT in the least be disappointed.

And finally I would like to thank Mr. Zachary for giving me the opportunity to review his amazing book! Thank you so much! I know you told me that you would be putting up this review in the professional section of your books site and I really thought I could write like a professional reviewer but my emotions are out of my control. Thank you once again for writing such a good book. Also, I have been assured by the author that the second book is already in the works so we wouldn’t have to wait for years and years *raises grateful hands towards God*

Copy of Review bannerP.S: A little note to all the readers of this book. I found the first chapter of this book to be a little bit confusing and I felt that I was in unfamiliar territory but do read till the second chapter because that is when I was truly invested for good.

Blurb: After years of struggling to remain indifferent, Azrael has finally lost his patience with the world. One by one, he has started to kill every blackhearted human he can find.

When Eliot, a police detective, inadvertently witnesses his violence firsthand, he walks away with events he can’t explain. When his investigation leads him to Eva, a journalist, they join forces to uncover the truth about who Azrael is and what he is doing.

But Eliot and Eva aren’t the only ones that have taken notice. By releasing a nightmarish monster, Azrael plans to force ancient powers to finally reveal themselves to the world.

A story told from the perspectives of good, evil, and the grey in between, CURSE THE DAY brings ancient feelings of hatred, love, lust, greed, betrayal, and vengeance into the modern world.

5 cupcakes

5 cupcakes for awesomeness

Lots of love,


3 thoughts on “Curse the day: The Unveiling #1 by Zachary Koala Hardison

  1. Ooh, angels? THAT SOUNDS FUN. And I love the sound of that plot (it reminds me of the Death Note mangas!) and AHH I LOVE SUPERNATURAL SO SO MUCH SO IF IT’S BEING COMPARED TO THAT THEN I NEED TO TRY THIS EVENTUALLY. XD

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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