The girl of Myth and Legend: The Chosen Saga #1 by Giselle Simlett


Publication Date: December 29, 2015

Publisher: WWS Publishing

Targeted Audience: Young Adult

Genre: Fantasy/Romance


[Note: I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review]

*inhuman screaming in the distance*

I can’t believe the number of bad books I have been reading recently! Why?? Why me?? It’s been half a year and I have yet to come across more than 2 books that I actually liked. Almost all the books (with the exception of a tiny few) have received less than a 3 feather rating from me. And this book is no exception. I hated it! I hated it so much!

This book has got so many issues. Firstly, the “chosen one” complex. Secondly, an annoying main character. Thirdly, a male character who in the eyes of everyone else is not worthy of love but is obviously the romantic interest of the protagonist. Fourthly, awful dialogue. Fifthly, ERHMAGERD the plot sucks. I can literally go on this way but I’m getting annoyed at myself at this point.

Let’s just focus on the plot for now. We have got a girl named Leonie Woodville who just wants to live a normal life (of course she does). She speaks to her father like he is a weirdo, later on she bursts into… flames? I have no idea really. But of course this leads to the discovery that she is the CHOSEN ONE! Her father knew all along (oh god, this reminded me of The Soul Thief).

She is immediately whisked away to a foreign land where people treat her like a god (or at least they are supposed to, I didn’t see anything major that could actually prove it) because she is the Pulsar, a superior race that has been extinct for ages (Umm racism?). She is also given a kytaen named Korren, a.k.a tools of the Chosen, treated like shit, love interest of the protagonist *insert me rolling eyes so hard that I bleed from my precious eyes* He is her immortal guardian who rebels like a two year old but of course that just makes the protagonist want to know him more.

Now naturally, there are rebels who want to overthrow the Imperium, the ruling body of the Chosen, (no wonder, really, they treat the “lower level” Chosen like dirt under their feet. However, I have no idea if that is why they want to overthrow the government. We were never told -_-)

I almost DNF’ed this book about 20 times. It was awful! The dialogue made me cringe because they felt so unnatural and so wrongly timed, the characters felt so fake and 2D and the plot was moving at a snail’s pace. The ending was so weird, I just skimmed the last 10-15% of the book.

And the writing style. It was so weird! Not only did it make me NOT connect to the characters, it also annoyed the heck out of me. Especially the whole pointless repeating of words. Like seriously?? Repeating a certain thing will not make me FEEL what the characters are feeling.

I don’t really know why I read till the end to be honest. I mean, it was such a cliche novel. The Kytaen rebels because he has been treated like an animal by almost every Chosen but we all know that Leonie is obviously going to treat him differently so NATURALLY Korren will think ‘oh maybe there’s still hope blah blah blah’. And not to mention the fact that both the characters have a painful past that is brought up every two minutes but we are not really told anything about it!

The problem I had the most was with how the book ended, oh wait who am I kidding? I had a problem with everything in this book. Leonie’s character shifts like the wind! At one point she feels grief and the next, nothing. I couldn’t connect with any of the characters and they were all dying left and right and I am just sat there like:

don't give 2 shits

In fact all the characters personality shifted like the freaking wind. The plot seemed to be going nowhere. Things are being introduced and then left hanging. We don’t know WHAT IS HAPPENING!!


The ending was probably written so that the reader would want to read the next novel but noppety noppety nope! I can’t stand Leonie and her outrageous character for a whole another book.

Blurb: A girl with a past she tries to forget, and a future she can’t even imagine.

Leonie Woodville wants to live an unremarkable life. She wants routine, she wants repetition, she wants predictability. So when she explodes in a blaze of light one morning on the way to her college, it’s enough to put a real crimp in her day.

And things only get weirder…

Leonie learns from her father that she is last of the Pulsar, a phenomenally powerful member of a magical species called the Chosen. It will be her sole duty to protect the Imperium, a governing hierarchy, from all enemies, and to exceed the reputation of the Pulsar before her. So – no pressure there, then.

Leonie is swept away from her rigorous normality and taken to a world of magic. There, she is forced into a ceremony to join her soul to a guardian, Korren, who is both incredibly handsome and intensely troubled, a relationship for which ‘it’s complicated’ just really doesn’t cut it.

But Leonie is soon to learn that this ancient world is no paradise. With violent dissidents intent to overthrow the Imperium, and dark entities with their own agenda, she and Korren find themselves caught in a war where they will have to overcome their differences if they are to survive.

Dare to dream. Dare to hope. Dare to be a legend. (From goodreads)

Lots of love,


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