DNF review of The Alpha Drive: The Alpha Drive #1 by Kristen Martin

27174561Publication Date: November 17, 2015

Publisher: Black Falcon Press

Targeted Audience: Young Adult

Genre: Science fiction


[Note: I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review]

This was yet another awful book and by now, having read FOUR awful books that I forced myself to finish, I gave up on this when even 46% of the book failed to grasp me into its hold. So, this is basically my first DNF review (here on the blog).

Some people don’t like reading DNF reviews but I personally love reading them because those are the ones that most of the time tell me whether so-and-so book is worth my time or not. So without further ado, let’s roll *into a jammie dodger*.

The plot surrounds a 16 year old girl named Emery Parker, who is super smart and therefore gets into a very prestigious college. Once there, she finds out that the world she has been living in is fake. They have all been in dormance. She is asked to join a group of people who are working towards breaking out of this state and into the real world. After some consideration she agrees and that’s how her training begins. On the other side, we have a hacker who is tasked with the job of breaking into the dormant world (I think, I’m not really sure because this book was bleh).

So that’s basically all I know about the story. The rest I knew because of the blurb, which shows just how much this book lacks in world building. Usually I read the blurbs before requesting them from Netgalley and then forget about it. So when my request to read and review gets accepted, I don’t read the blurb again because heck man surprise me! However, in this case I had to read the blurb to understand what the heck was happening. This was my first issue with the book.#disappointed

My second issue: There were so many loopholes. For example, when she carries her luggage up to her dorm we are told that there is no elevator. In fact, the protagonist throws a big hissy fit about it. However, a few pages later she gets a call and is told to take an elevator upstairs. Naturally I was confused at such a horrible mistake in a published book. But at the end of the chapter after she gets into the elevator Emery remembers that there are no elevators. Did the author really think that the readers were so absent minded/forgetful that we wouldn’t remember such a thing that happened a minute ago??

And then there was the jumping of scenes. Sometimes it skips a few days, sometimes a few weeks and sometimes even a few months. Is the plot really that empty and slow paced? Guess it is. And maybe some people might not have an issue with it but it surely did unsettle me.

My third issue, are the characters! Oh god! Where do I even begin? Emery Parker is said to be an introvert (in the blurb at least) yet she immediately becomes super best friends with a room mate called Rhea, who she JUST met. Like, they literally NEEDED to know what was happening to each other every second. Their relationship was messed up. Not to mention the fact that they felt so FAKE!

And then there was the whole Emery and Anthony relationship. In the beginning she expressed that she felt sad that Anthony could not come to bid her goodbye as she traveled to her college. Yet, when he calls or shows up, she acts all annoyed. I mean, first of all I don’t know if her relationship is even important throughout the book. I’m just gonna take a wild guess and say it probably isn’t (just like the rest of the crap I read) and even if it was important isn’t it nice that he cares? That he travels SO far away just to see her and to maintain their long distance relationship? We all know it’s not easy (because you know I have had so many long distance relationships *cough*with imaginary people*cough*). Emery’s reasoning for not liking him is that he is too overprotective yet I didn’t really see anything that could show me (the reader) that he was so.

And while we are on this topic let’s talk about Emery forgetting to call her “best friend” in a couple of months! Who does that?? If I didn’t talk to my best friend for a couple of months I would die!

I read 46% of this book and was able to conclude that this book was more teenage drama than sci-fi. #falseadvertisement Half of the time it was Rhea and Emery going out to party with some boys and getting drunk. Ugh! Sure the hostel that was “supposed” to be super strict had no one patrolling around at night. Sure there was no watchman. Sure the bars were at a walking distance and the teachers had no clue about it. *note heavy sarcasm*

I’m so tired and so old (19) that I don’t have the energy anymore to push myself to the end of such awful books. And I honestly do not care anymore that the books in my abandoned shelf are increasing this year. On a last note, zero points for diversity. This book is only filled with white people.

Blurb: It’s the year 2055 and an anarchist organization has taken control with the aim to create a world-class society. Half of humankind is unknowingly living in an alternate reality called Dormance . . . and there are no plans to wake them up.

Sixteen-year-old introvert Emery Parker is one such dormant. An academic scholar who avoids ruffling feathers at all costs, Emery finds herself being transferred to a boarding school on the outskirts of Arizona. Little does she know, a family secret has the power to change the course of the future. When she’s approached with an opportunity to free the dormants, she sees no other choice but to accept, even though failure could mean having her memory wiped clean.

But when tech-savvy Torin Porter reaches out to her from the other side, Emery begins to question everything she was told about Dormance. If her family’s secret falls into the wrong hands, the world as she knows it will be faced with irreversible consequences. Now Emery must play both sides to uncover the truth about her family’s past or risk leaving mankind to live in an unconscious reality.

Lots of love and disappointment,


3 thoughts on “DNF review of The Alpha Drive: The Alpha Drive #1 by Kristen Martin

  1. The Dormance concept seems like The Matrix movie, I think.. I haven’t heard of this book..

    If the characters are whiny and a lot of inconsistencies on the book, I tend to DNF such book.

    I think it’s okay to DNF books, there are books that we won’t like, books that we’ll love, books that we’ll DNF and books that we won’t ever encounter (which is sad).. I’m being poetic, lol.😸

    Liked by 1 person

      • Me too… I hate leaving books unfinished.. I’m a bit OCD-ish and knowing that I didn’t know the ending of a book I started is a bit uncomfortable… But I’d rather spend my time finishing amazing books (for me) than forcing to finish a book… 😦

        Liked by 1 person

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