Review of podcast: Alice isn’t Dead

aid-logo-posterAlice isn’t Dead (AID) is an amazing podcast that was made by Joseph Fink, one of the creators of Welcome to Nightvale. We can confirm that this is now one of our favourite podcasts (including Nightvale). We usually listened to one episode every night just before sleeping so we didn’t really have time to ponder much over it but it had just enough intrigue to keep us awake till it ended. After which it was dreamland, filled with creatures of the podcast, and radio static.

Before we talk about just HOW amazing this podcast is, let’s discuss the plot. The central character of this podcast is our beloved Keisha. She is out on a road-trip, with her truck and her radio, looking for her lost wife, Alice. Since this podcast is written by Joseph Fink, naturally it’s not just that straightforward. Along the way Keisha meets creatures you never want to see and ends up in places you never want to be in. Basically, it’s perfect!


Unlike Nighvale where you are constantly being creeped out by Cecil because of how normally he reacts to crazy shit, in AID Keisha reacts like a normal person to all the shit she sees which makes her super relatable. Because while in Nightvale the mysteries were very open-ended, in AID our confoundment was accepted.

And in the middle of the scenes when we break away from her, it was as if the character was allowing us to experience her anxiety because her anxiety and her fear were ever present. But she never let it hold her back. She used it as her super power.

One of the best parts of this podcast were the repetitions. The description of the thistleman being our favourite. The repetitions created this fixed picture that made everything so real and unchangeable.


And the sounds! Podcasts are nothing without it. The sound of the radio transmission going on and off, and the sound of the truck engines in the background, started growing on us, just like Keisha herself. The footsteps in the back, the “yip yip yip” of the Thistlemen, everything had such power that it gave us goosebumps.

Jasika Nicole has done a fabulous job by voicing Keisha, because she is talking to Alice through the radio and she absolutely loves Alice and Jasika Nicole was able to make us feel all the emotions and we felt like her confidant. Her voice was perfect for all the philosophy, the irony, the humour, and the badassery. It was exciting yet soothing to listen to her speak.

Needless to say we cannot wait for the second season and you guys NEED to listen to it.

The linkies!

Here is where you can listen to it: Alice isn’t Dead- Podbay
(You can also download their app on your phone)
Here is a link to their website, if you’d like to make a donation/buy their merch: Click me
And here is a link to the creator of that fabulous fanart: Fantastic Artist



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