A very late review of my 2016’s best


Eileen was a great read. It was dark and isolating and a detailed portrait of a person but also a reflection. It was like a battle of the self, the anatomy of basic human feelings and thought processes with a dash of poisonous habits. It was brilliant.

The thing about jellyfish was a delight. It was little smiles and a warm heart and good wishes. It was the sweetest and it touched me and I’ll forever yell I loved that book from the rooftops. It also had the most beautiful science that reminded me of my love of science and made me sad that science is usually made boring and dry and theoreticalΒ and unloved.

Chew was fantastic. It was bizarre with highlighted fun. It was hilariousness through the disasters. I recently read a review for the last volume saying that leaving those characters was heartbreaking and I’m going to treasure all that I have left.

The girls was good. It wasn’t all pretty but it brought with it a new way of thinking and a perspective alien to me. It told me about hate and about justified hate and giving second chances even when it’s not fair.

1984 was brilliant. It’s a book that will come back to me again and again and again in many many ways. I will also be reading it again. And buying it.


A clockwork orange was strange yet memorable. I don’t think the objective of the book was to like it. The integration of the language used was seamless and brilliant. I wish I could understand it at a deeper level. I realize it, the point and the point of these being no point, but at a distanced level. Next comes the movie.

Ghost world was a weird mix.

Vanished brought back little me searching for girls who punched everything and went headfirst into brave bordering on stupid adventures. Jessica Mastriani is still my favorite girl, the need for speed and the motorcycle crush. How underrated is the brilliance of the ending of the series, even when I was small I was marveled at it, bittersweet but wise, signs of actual growth.

The girl on the train was trippy. Never the happy pill, kind of the pity party, a study in manipulation, alternating timeliness, yet with the same themes as Eileen and The girls- basic human feeling structure, amplified.

The girl who played with fire was exciting, gripping, written and crafted well, full points on suspense. While I definitely liked the first book, I enjoyed this one quite more. Brave journalists are my favorite characters. They’re also my ultimate goal. They also almost are victims, sometimes death, sometimes censorship, sometimes suppression. The more worse, the better the story.


Scott pilgrim was crazy fun.

Giant days was eternal as ever in its fabulousness.

One was beautiful beautiful beautiful magical beautiful breath taking wonderful heart breaking and I’m just now realizing it was most definitely my best book of the year.

Landline was a reread and it was as good as ever and Neal was once again not mine.

That was a year. The next one’s already unto us. Looking back, I didn’t read much, but I didn’t read a lot of terrible stuff. And if it was terrible, then I left it halfway. We’ll see how 2017 goes. Recommend me a book blog below?


Smoking pot,


4 thoughts on “A very late review of my 2016’s best

  1. Ahh I haven’t read any of these! But I’m glad you had so many excellent reads last year! I really want to read The Thing About Jellyfish so thanks for reminding about it.😜 I hope you read some excellent books this year too.πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

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