Mini Book Reviews #2

I made a list of all the books I need to review and I’ve realized that there are waaay too many of them and so obviously, here’s another edition of my mini reviews! Because I’m super lazy but I also cannot sleep at night if I don’t review them.

#1 The Haters by Jesse Andrews

26095121This is a book that I bought for Beez when it was decided that she was leaving for India forever (I still don’t know what she means by forever… #ignorantbae) I knew that I didn’t have the time to read it but I also REALLY NEEDED TO READ IT cause… I wanted to put in my notes all over it.*

*I also just wanted to really read it

PROS: The sense of humor was weird but also weirdly on my level? Except they actually do everything they joke about and I don’t… a.k.a smoke weed and stuff. The pacing was great, it kept me flipping the pages constantly. It would make a pretty funny Friday night movie (I don’t even know what that means. What on earth is a perfect Friday night movie??) And I liked the duo that Wes and Corry were but at the same time…

CONS: I didn’t actually enjoy it. Wes and Corey treated each other like absolute shits and Ash wasn’t any better. (Haha see what I did there? Smooth transition from Pros to Cons, okay no it wasn’t) The music I couldn’t even relate to. Jazz is just not my thing. It felt very “Oh-my-god-I’m-a-teenager-but-I-totally-love-ONLY-old-bands” sort of thing.

I felt like an old woman complaining about a YA book when irl I was just 19 when I read it! The pacing died down around the end and some of the humor felt like just way too much information.

Hold up.gif

Final declaration: Nu.

#2 China Lake by Meg Gardiner

2221066Beez owns this book and I stole it from her so I could read it.

PROS: This book is a constant page turner. It’s hard to let go once you begin. I liked that there was never a dull moment and things were constantly moving forward. Some books just wander around the main plot and this does anything but. Books about religious fanatics is never my thing but this one was not so bad.

CONS: However, the plot was lengthy and it was only around the end that I was at the edge of my seat to know what was gonna happen. The book was clearly plot driven because the characters felt very plain and the police seemed to do a very disappointing job.

Final Declaration: Meh.

#3 Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

51r-jerpyfl-_sx313_bo1204203200_A book given to me by my new friend in class. She read the entire Harry Potter series after I asked her to and when she asked me to read a small romance novel I couldn’t say no.

PROS: I loved how the issue of Asperger was dealt with in the book. It made me cry, how John was with his father during his last moments. And when I mean cry, I mean I was ugly crying on the floor next to my bed. The relationship between them, there was something so raw in the way Nicholas Sparks described that scene in a few pages.

CONS: Literally everything besides the pros. I found the story very slow and factual instead of emotional. I do not prefer cliched love at first sight novels. Romance in general is not my thing as mentioned in this post. AND it was all just highly unrealistic. The ending especially I had a problem with. It was just too pitying.

Final Declaration: It just wasn’t for me.

#4 The Voices of Martyrs by Maurice Broaddus

29362866I received this book from Netgalley

PROS: BEAUTIFUL AND RICH BLACK HISTORY! Like oh man… wow. This book had three settings, the past, the present and the future and in all three of them you have black POV’s and you get to learn about their culture and their history and their ways and it blew my mind away because the media is usually filled with western ways and their culture and this was like a whole new world to me.

CONS: There isn’t really much to dislike in this book. It was breathtaking in every way BUT it’s pretty heavy and I don’t mean the number of pages. Maybe it’s the writing style or just the intake of this new information but this book is something that you CANNOT read in one sitting. It has to be read over a period of time. Needless to say, that just improves the experience.

Final declaration: Must Read.

#5 The Whole Art of Detection by Lyndsay Faye

30622624This book is a collection of Sherlock Holmes adventures written by Lyndsay Faye. I received this as an e-book from Netgalley.

PROS: I loved that this had the same writing style as the original stories. I’ve read almost all of the originals written by A.C.Doyle and I loved them so much and this book in no way ruins the originality that we see in Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. And I also loved that we got to read a few stories from Sherlock’s POV and the way he would make fun of Watson’s fanciful ways of writing always made me smile.

CONS: I loved ALL of the stories except one called, “The Adventures of the Lightless Maiden” It was an okay story, it just felt really bland to me. It was not really unique and I guessed the whole thing right at the start which I hardly ever do with Sherlock Holmes. That’s really the only negative point I can think of.

Final declaration: I absolutely, completely enjoyed this book and this is a must-read for fans of A.C.Doyle’s Holmes.

#6 Doctor Who: The American Adventures by Justin Richards

30547445PROS: A really fast read… yeah that’s all I got.

CONS: I’m slightly disappointed by this book. I couldn’t bond with ANY of the characters. I felt that the characters were very 2D. I had hoped that maybe we would get a bit of an “in” on how truly lonely the Doctor was while traveling alone, but all I got was average adventures with zero character development. Even Twelve, who I’m obsessed with, didn’t feel like himself in this book.

Considering the fact that this is a book filled with sci-fi short stories, I’d thought that it would have beautiful descriptions of all the new planets/time that he would be visiting but there were hardly any descriptions, only a huge amount of dialogue and a narrative about what he was doing.

I’ve only read two Doctor Who books, but this was most definitely the worst of the two.

Final Declaration: Maybe kids might enjoy it? But I wouldn’t want my child to read it so I guess NU.

So that’s all I’ve got for the mini reviews edition! I hope you guys enjoyed it, and if any of you have read any of the books I’ve mentioned then do tell me what you thought about it down in the comments section.

This is Raven,

signing off~


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