Meeting Authors and why I’m secretly a Time lord

If a book blows away my mind, sucks away my soul and leaves me a hollow shell then I know that I have found my new favourite author.

In my mind, once I have fallen in a deep chasm of love for a book, the immediate next thing I do is sketch the name of that author on my forehead and that’s where I stop.

I hardly ever follow any of them on social media because in my mind they are these perfect beings who are above humanity. And to keep this view from faltering I keep any kind of possible communication with them to a minimum (also because I’m a disaster at communication and if I said anything to them they would shun me forever and then I’d just have to bury myself alive)

Now I know that a majority of the authors don’t want to be seen in that light. They want their fans to talk to them and let them know how much they loved their book but I’m a shy piranha and I can’t make myself do that.

Case in point: I had been having sleepless nights because I was so excited to meet Brandon Sanderson at the Litfest. When I finally met him all I said was… Thank you. Like without any context, before I even gave him my book to sign, all I said was thank you.

*facepalms myself and regenerates to hide my identity*


Now he was super sweet and he smiled and said you’re welcome! Like the adorable person that he is but I had been scarred for life and I don’t think I have left my house since… and this was a year ago.

But to be honest, I do follow them in a select few places because despite being a recluse and nervous red panda I do want to know any new updates they release regarding their books.

And I only memorize their faces so I’ll recognize them if I ever happen to accidentally stumble upon them on the street which would really never happen because none of my favourite authors live in the same country as me and even if they did visit my country I would never meet them because as discussed above, I haven’t left my house in a year and don’t plan to anytime soon. (I might probably leave around November because book sale)

Tell me any embarrassing moments you’ve had with your favourite authors because maybe it’ll make me feel better and I’ll finally step out into sun.

Lot’s of love and timey-wimey stuff,




4 thoughts on “Meeting Authors and why I’m secretly a Time lord

  1. Oh geez, I’m the exact same way. When faces with the question, “if you could meet one famous person, who would it be?” I always answer with “OH GOD NO ONE” cause the thought of meeting anyone famous or that I look up to is terrifying. I would stumble all over my words😳

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  2. Omg yes! I am the exact same way. If a book is capable of emotionally gutting me I automatically love it and the author. lol
    I’ve had people ask why I would like something that made me really angry or sad, to the point of tears even, and all I can say is that the writer managed to make me FEEL something. They pulled this raw emotion out of me and though I have a lot of empathy in general, they really made me feel for their story and characters in a way that I feel deserves a good deal of respect. πŸ™‚
    Meeting people whose work you admire can be very nerve-wracking. I met Lori Petty (not an author, but still) at a convention in Chicago before and I could barely squeak out enough words to communicate. lol I hadn’t even expected her to be there and I’d been a fan of hers since I was a kid so I was mortified by how quiet and awkward I was when I got to meet her. lol So I feel your pain on this! πŸ˜›

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    • Exactly! I’m an emotionless penguin so when words make me cry or laugh or feel anything I know that the book is great.

      HAHAHA! OMG I met one of my favourite childhood authors (Lauren Child) at the litfest too and I hadn’t expected her to be there either and it was super awkward and I think I mumbled some rubbish. XD

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