“Hey kid, you want some dragons?” Upon dragons breath by Ava Richardson [Spoiler free trilogy review!]

I came across this series on Netgalley and immediately downloaded it because I had been craving dragons for a long time now. I mean who doesn’t like dragons? HOW can you not like dragons?? They are fierce and scary and humongous and ADORABLE!

And if they breathe fire then that’s a bonus!

Upon dragon’s breath is a trilogy by Ava Richardson and I binge read them so I think it’s only fair if I binge review (??) them. Don’t worry though! I’ll try to keep it as spoiler free as possible and some spoilers have been kept super vague so read on without a fear.

Dragons of Wild #1

32330028The kingdom of Torvald has forgotten the existence of dragons.

There’s an evil ruler named Enric, who rules the kingdom of Torvald with force and fear.

There is a boy named Bower, who has a hidden library filled with banned books.

A girl with magic named Saffron, who was raised by dragons on an Island.

And an adorable sea-green water dragon named Jaydra.

Paths cross, they form a team and we all chant, “Down with the King!”

Things I loved: I loved the writing style. It was very flowy and simple and I was flipping through the book real quick. The world-building, on the other hand, was not that intense and detailed but it was pretty good.

The story has a very classic, going-on-an-adventure feel to it. It isn’t like your recent popular books where there is so much torture and blood and murder. This book is more of a feel-good book but with dragons!

The characters were super love-able and I loved the beginning of Saffron and Bowers friendship, and the strong bond that existed between Jaydra and Saffron. They felt very natural to me and my sister and I couldn’t stop gushing about just how much we wanted to adopt Jaydra.

Things I didn’t like: The plot wasn’t the best I’d ever read. It was very slow and almost all the action was left for the climax.

The King was said to be very evil but we hardly saw any evidence of that so basically it was a lot more telling than showing in that regard.

Dragons of Kings #2

33006756Bower, Saffron and Jaydra continue on their adventure to find out about what happened to the dragon riders of old, with a plan to build their own army against the evil king Enric of Torvald.

They come across a tribe of dragon riders led by a man named Ryland.

But things are not as they seem.

Can Bower become what he is destined to be?

And can Saffron fight against what’s written in her future?

Things I liked: The characters! I was happy to meet them again in this book. It felt like coming back home. And we get to meet some more characters, all of whom I loved immensely.

The second thing I loved the most about this book was that THERE WERE SO MANY MORE DRAGONS! EHRMAGEERD! I had this HUGE smile plastered on my face every time I read a part with dragons and that was more than 3/4th of this book.

Things I disliked: Again, it was the plot. It was fairly slow and yet again all the good action was stored for the climax. And we didn’t see much of the evil king at all.

Don’t get me wrong, when I say that the plot was slow, I mean the main plot. The characters were constantly in motion and the book felt like an easy and fun read. Nothing too intense. But I just feel that it could be so much more.

Dragons of Dark #3

33863893The final conclusion to the Upon the dragon’s breath series.

Bower has found allies but an army cannot be raised without the threat of betrayal.

Saffron’s magic is turning against her, and her sacred bond with Jaydra is threatened in an attempt to fix it.

Things I liked: I liked how the book ended. Bower stayed true to his character and his friendship with Saffron was finally so much stronger.

And I loved the scene where the dragons chose the humans. It gave me chills.

Things I disliked: I’m so disappointed with this conclusion. The entire book just seemed to wander aimlessly. Imagine me looking for water in a desert without my glasses, that’s what this book was.

It had SO much potential but it hardly met the mark for me. This book was 2.5 when the previous two were a good 3.5/4.

Bower constantly took his army and just fought random ass battles for no reason?? It felt so pointless! And there was so LITTLE of Jaydra or ANY other dragon for that matter. I had such high hopes for this one and I was axed down by this e-book.

Review banner

It was after reading this trilogy that I realized that this is a sequel trilogy (I think, I’m not sure), the first trilogy being “Return of the darkening” which I’m really looking forward to. AND this year her new book, set in the same world is coming soon (title and cover haven’t been revealed yet).

So tell me! Have any of you read this book? Do you guys fancy dragons? Let me know some really good books with dragons in them down in the comments.

Lots of love and dragon fire,



4 thoughts on ““Hey kid, you want some dragons?” Upon dragons breath by Ava Richardson [Spoiler free trilogy review!]

  1. That’s a great overview of the trilogy and I’m glad I chose not to read past the first one.

    Some dragon books I liked? Joust by Mercedes Lackey makes a good standalone but DO NOT READ THE FOURTH BOOK! The Obsidian Trilogy by Lackey & Mallory has a dragon in it but not really a “dragon book”. Eragon by Paolini is ok if you enjoy middlegrade. Fablehaven Series by Brandon Mull eventually has dragons in it and now especially in the sequel series. Dragonlance by various authors if you’re into those sort of books…..Dragons of Kyrnn, if I remember correctly, was entirely dragon POV. Dragonriders of Pern is a must read, but is definitely for mature readers.

    That’s all I can think of off the top of my head but now I really want to make a list!

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