Tarquin Jenkins and the Book of Dreams by Peter Ford

29201240The plot as I read it: At 13 Tarquin Jenkins discovered that his uncle is a time traveler and now he can finally learn to be one too. Fast forward to age 15 and he has started time traveling alone. The book is filled with adventures and mishaps so I won’t go into further detail in fear of spoiling it.

I feel like this book would be enjoyed by young teens and even preteens, who are into science-fiction and fantasy. There is a good amount of humor and lots of crazy stuff that would appeal to kids.

I loved the occasional Doctor Who references and personally I think this book is a good starting point for kids who would like to start off with sci-fi. There is a LOT of adventure, space stuff, aliens, time travel into the past and the future, and a lot of revisits to historical events in time too.

I did feel that there seemed to be more telling rather than showing, a.k.a the part where we missed seeing Tarquin attempt his first time travel. And the plot felt a bit slow at times but overall it was a fun read.

And while Tarquin is 15 for a majority of this book, it read more like a middle-grade book but maybe that’s simply because YA these days includes a good chunk of adult material in it.

Copy of Review bannerRecommended for kids who would love to get into reading sci-fi.

Have you guys read any middle grade books recently? If yes, then tell me down in the comments. And have you guys read this book?

Lots of love,



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