A Gathering of Shadows by V.E.Schwab [A beautiful sequel but a little lacking]

I’m a huge fan of V.E.Schwab even though I’ve only read the first book of this series. The review of which you can find here. Nevertheless, this review is definitely SPOILER FREE!


In this book, we pick up a few months after where we left off in A Darker Shade of Magic.


This time, the sequel predominantly focuses on Red London and it’s outlying areas. The world-building of Red London was done beautifully! I loved the politics (which there wasn’t much of), the Essen Tasch (a tournament to show off the power of the kingdoms) and of course the magic itself.

The characters I continue to be in love with. With that fabulous movie-style opening I felt a deeper love for Lila Bard, and with Kell’s continuing brotherly protection I find myself still STUCK in his wonderful coat pocket that I’m extremely jealous of. Rhy came off as a bit whiny in the beginning but knowing what he’s been through it was expected but thankfully he shrugged that off as soon as the games began.

The new character that I absolutely adored was Alucard Emery. An absolute gem of a character. He is hilarious, mysterious and down-right arrogant a.k.a the apple of my eye.

V.E.Schwab’s action scenes always blow me away. They are done so well! The witty banter was always on point and the feels were always broken.


What more could I possibly ask for?

A no-cliffhanger ending would be one thing for a start.

While I definitely loved this book, I felt like it read more as a filler novel. Like this entire book was just written to sort of bridge the plot of book 1 and book 3, which is not necessarily a bad thing but it’s definitely not the best thing. I mean yes I love living in this world so I can’t really complain but the few negative reviews I found for this book, do make sense.

And another thing that was a little sad was that the other Londons were pretty much abandoned in this book. Something I hope changes in book 3.

Ta-da! And so we come to the end of my review. Do let me know what you thought of this book. Liked it? disliked it? Whatever the feels, lemme know in the comments. Also, don’t hesitate to link me to your review of this book~

Lots of love and pirate-y moves,


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8 thoughts on “A Gathering of Shadows by V.E.Schwab [A beautiful sequel but a little lacking]

  1. I wasn’t thinking of it that way but you’re absolutely right about feeling it was like a filler novel! Although I enjoyed the book on the whole, there didn’t seem to be a very complicated plot. It seemed to be more about introducing new characters and setting the stage for book three.

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    • Same here! When I started the book, I had to read it again cause I was like, “Am I reading the same series?” I was so shook 😀 And thank you so much for your kind words! They mean a lot to me ❤


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