Spider’s Web: A play by Agatha Christie, novelized by Charles Osborne

If you’re like me a.k.a you’ve hardly read many Agatha Christie novels then it might come as a surprise to you that she used to write plays… and romance novels under a pseudonym, but I’m not interested in that.

Alibi was the first play to reach the stage. It was an adaptation of The Murder of Roger Ackroyd but it wasn’t written by her and she didn’t like it either. The first play that was written by her and staged was Black Coffee. She has a written a total of 19 plays, adding to her impressive list of 82 detective novels.

910100This book was also a play written by Agatha Christie but it was later novelized by Charles Osborne.

But let’s not derail anymore. Here’s my review of Spider’s Web:

Our protagonist, Clarissa, is a spider. She weaves webs of lies to almost everyone. And considering her history as an actress, she successfully fools everyone too. So when she finds a body in her library, she lies to her house guests in order to persuade them into becoming her accomplices in hiding the body.

And when an inspector arrives at the scene, she lies through her teeth! Saying a different story each time she is persuaded to tell the truth.


I was impressed with how quickly I finished this book. Once you go through the first 50-60 pages of drab introductions, it was easy to go through and hardly required a lot of brain power.

This book, even though it was novelized, read very much like a play. And I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.

Yet again, I wasn’t able to solve the mystery but I had my doubts regarding the murderer and I turned out to be right.


I really disliked the fact that the characters were once again very drab and one-dimensional. An issue I found even in the Murder on the Orient Express.

And while Clarissa was pretty humorous, I found her to be super annoying around the end. Yes, the final reveal shocked me but besides that, I really didn’t like much of this book. I’m sure the lies were supposed to make us feel shocked or… something but all I felt was an annoyance.

While the mystery unravelled I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at certain scenes. It felt so unnecessary and kiddish.

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend this to any new Agatha Christie fans (like me) because it really put me off, but if you are a huge fan of Christie then maybe you would enjoy it.

Lots of love and lies,


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