Endless Night by Agatha Christie [The ending had me shook]

I have read very few Agatha Christie novels. This being the third one. So far, my rating of her novels has been ranging from 2-3 stars but this one was a 3.5.


In Endless Night we follow the character named Michael Rogers. In want of better life, he’s been doing odd jobs all his life. But an accidental meet-up with an heiress ends up changing his entire life around. He marries her and builds the perfect home for the two of them.

Unfortunately for him, the land his home is built on is cursed and it all goes downhill soon enough.


The whodunnit in this novel baffled me to no end. I was partially correct about the whole thing but I felt like an utter fool by the end of the novel.

The problem with writing a review for this one is that I cannot talk much about it without giving away key points. All I can say is that don’t trust everything you read. GAH! I think I’ve given away too much already.

The best thing about this novel is its plot and mystery. It kept me on my toes and when I reached the end I was practically screaming because I couldn’t believe my eyes.

The main character too was one of the best mystery protagonists I’ve ever read.


I don’t know why but I’ve never been able to connect with ANY of Agatha Christie’s characters.

Maybe it’s because her novels are super old or maybe because her novels focus mostly on the mystery and very little in fleshing out the characters. However, I still loved the protagonist in this one.

Regardless, I was able to invest myself in this mystery, simply because I was so engrossed in solving it myself.

The novel also started off pretty slow. Even though I’ve read only 3 of her novels so far, I feel like 50% of the book is always boring and it’s only the end that has any juice.

And that’s all I have to say about this one. A super mystery but lacking in engrossing characters. Let me know if you’ve read this one and what you felt about it!

Lots of love and suspense,


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3 thoughts on “Endless Night by Agatha Christie [The ending had me shook]

  1. I’ve read loads of Agatha Christie, I think I started reading her stories when I was about ten. Oddly, I have not read this one, yet. My own favourite ones all include Hercule Poirot, and for me probably the best is the famous one, ‘The Murder of Roger Ackroyd’. Not entirely typical of her murder mysteries, but brilliant. Another to think about is ‘The Mysterious Affair at Styles’ that introduces both Poirot and his frequent sidekick Hastings.


  2. I bought a few on-sale Agatha Christie books that were also in someone’s “best of” list. I’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve read so far but definitely agree with you on them being lighter on character and more mystery-focused. This one sounds pretty cool, though. I’ll have to check it out!

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