Age of Swords by Michael J. Sullivan [The EPIC high fantasy sequel I needed!]

Age of Swords

“Funny how things that shouldn’t matter actually meant so much and how things as permanent as homes moved”


I haven’t cried like a baby for a character in a VERY long time but then this book comes along and BAM! My emotions are scattered in the wind and so is my emotional sanity.

ugly crying

Before I begin, here’s where you can find my review of the first book and don’t worry, this review is completely SPOILER FREE!

Age of Swords starts almost immediately where we left off.

The war that a Rhune named Raithe had started with the Fhrey by killing one of them and hence proving that they weren’t God, is still in the works.

The leader of one of the Rhune clans, Persephone, has decided that the only way to win the battle against the Fhrey is to unite all the clans.

But Persephone, Raithe and the rest of the clans are all aware that neither great numbers nor training from a group of soldier Fhreys can help them win the war. And so a small band of misfits end up in the depths of Elan, a dwarf land, where they hope they can find some help.

On the other hand, a gifted young Suri is being trained by a Fhrey, a sorceress named Arion, who hopes that once the rest of the Fhrey realise that Rhunes are just like them, they would seize the war and accept peace.


Michael J. Sullivan has become one of my favourite authors. Even though I’ve only read two of his books so far, the way he weaves his stories, the way the characters are built, it’s just beautiful. His writing is so phenomenal. It’s almost impossible for me to stop reading it once I begin.

Let me list down some really important reasons why you should consider reading this book:

  1. A female character who was previously seen as nothing but the Chieftain’s wife is finally seen as the true leader that she is.
  2. A female character who was previously seen as nothing but being beautiful has finally become the warrior and scribe she was bound to become.
  3. Accurate and insightful representation of disabled people and how they are usually treated by the abled who are clearly a-holes
  4. A female character, who cannot stand being touched because she grew up being physically and emotionally abused by her father, becomes a strong survivor. One who doesn’t let her past ruin her from being the master crafter that she is.
  5. Acceptance of different races for who they are and NOT intentionally offending them.
  6. Internalised misogyny and how it needs to die.


I mean honestly, if these don’t pull you in already I cannot possibly imagine what will.

Maybe knowing that that one part of this book will make you cry like a baby? Because when I reached that part I was pretty much bawling. I went through hundreds of tissues and oh god my heart still aches just thinking about it. I even went crying to Beez (who is in India right now so I was basically cry-texting her).

While I love each and every character in this book, my heart beats for Suri and her wolf the MOST.

I also love how the book tackles a LOT of topics that are relevant in our world right now. It tackles, sexism, racism, classism, power-hungry dominance, family, love, friendship and just GAH! Reading this book made me feel like I was home. Great, I’m gonna cry again.


One thing you need to know is that the Rhunes are like past us. WAAAAAAAY past us. They are still discovering things like wheels, barrels, wagons and writing. And it’s those things that make me love this book even more if that’s even possible. I feel this excitement when they figure out something new. It’s like watching your sims reach success without your help.

My favourite part is definitely when Persephone and her group went into the deep caves of the dwarf land because SO MUCH happened there.



I have always worshipped heroes in stories. I had no idea I was surrounded by them.


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And that’s my review! Do let me know if you’ve read this book and what you felt about it. If you haven’t read it yet, DON’T delay! Get yourself a copy right now because I know for sure what series I’ll be buying soon.

Lots of love and empowerment,


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4 thoughts on “Age of Swords by Michael J. Sullivan [The EPIC high fantasy sequel I needed!]

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    • I haven’t read them yet actually. I’ve only read two books by him and that’s age of myth and age of swords but I know I’ll definitely be reading the rest of his books. He is such a great writer.

      Thank you so much for stopping by! 😀


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