An Absolutely UNremarkable thing by W(h)ank Green


This book will only get good reviews.

Not because of the book oH no! It’s because Hank Green,- the entire vlog brothers enterprise – are Great Advertisers.

L00k at the title! It’s BAIT for their baby minions to write in their squeal reviews that An absolutely remarkable thing is An absolutely remarkable thing. They love being told what to think. And you don’t get better than the Vlogbrothers at it.

#i have not read it #don’t think i intend to #it’s going to be such a self important book #why is this my second youtuber book rev in a row hang me

7 thoughts on “An Absolutely UNremarkable thing by W(h)ank Green

  1. I’m genuinely curious – What’s the problem with Hank Green? I’m not a big fan of the title, but it’a publishing, and the book itself was great. It was obvious he had some opinions he wanted to get across, like how polarizing groups can happen, but it’s always thoughtful things behind it. He’d criticizing the whole advertising, bad side of influencers as well


  2. Having just finished the book, I found it very enlightening. Hank uses his experience as an internet influencer to talk about how hard that job is and the challenges it brings along with it. He is also a much better writer than his brother John as he has a well-crafted plot AND characters. This book is realistic and down to earth, and while it is well marketed, in my opinion, it is also a book worthy of the hype. However it is not the best book in the world, and I don’t think that any of their “baby minions” are going to say that, it just contains the refreshing honesty that we have come to love from Hank’s videos.

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    • To be fair, it would be- it has to be. Someone who has self built an empire of fans cannot put out something unworthy of some semblance of praise. The book may as well be absolutely remarkable; my anger and frustration stems from the place that marketing is such an all pervasive element in the world of books. There is too much of it, and I am tired of it. I find that the Vlogbrothers are advertisers first, and their “end on a optimistic chipper note” and preachy tone irks me.
      But i’m glad its a good book. Good on him and good for whoever reads it.


      • Thanks for replying and explaining your point of view a bit more, I am afraid that I misunderstood what you were saying originally and I now understand. I can see where you are coming from but personally disagree. I hope you enjoy your next book whatever it may be.

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    • Thank you 🙂
      This is his first book ever so your surprise isn’t unfounded. I reckon the book won’t be *that* bad, after all Hank’s got a rep to maintain, but i doubt it’ll be near as great as all the grand reviews will say.
      Also what do you think about it sounding a bit like auto-fiction? I just hope for its readers it’s not like one of their videos cause otherwise it’s going to be hella preachy.

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      • I do not know what you exactly mean by autofiction! I honestly have no interest in joining the badwagon for buying and reading this “okay” book, but I’d be interested to see other people’s objective thoughts on the book.

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