Review Policy

The genres we accept:

Fantasy, Science-fiction (including steampunk and zombies), Young Adult, Middle-grade, Contemporary, Dystopia, Horror, Psychological/medical issues, Thriller/action/murder/crime, Mythology, Historical fiction and a HELL YES to Graphic Novels.

The genres we DO NOT accept:

Self-help books, cookbooks, non-fiction, biographies, religion, adult romance, romance, and erotica.

What we include in our reviews:

Our reviews are usually short and sweet but sometimes they can be pretty lengthy if we have a lot of things to share about the book. We usually talk about the things we loved about the book, the things we disliked, about the character, the plot, the writing style and the general flow of the book.

If you don’t want us to post a negative review, please mention it. We are always honest about our reviews and we have noticed that some authors do not take kindly to our straightforwardness.

What we would like YOU to include in the email:

We usually decide if we want to review a book by reading the first couple of chapters. So, it would be amazing if you guys could attach a file of your first chapter or just a simple link to amazon where we can read a free excerpt.

If you send us an ARC, we will be posting the review in the month of publishing. If it is not an ARC we will post it in a couple of months.

Also, we read books that we have accepted for reviewing in a first come-first serve order so please be patient with us.

Preferred book format:

If you plan to send us an eBook then we want to let you know that we prefer ePubs. You can even mail us hard copies/paperbacks of your book.


Where you can find our reviews:

We put up our reviews on Goodreads, our Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Bloglovin’ and a sweet picture of the book on our Instagram. We put up book reviews every Monday (And sometimes Friday) so keep an eye out for them.

We are also an official member of netgalley.

Where you can contact us:

Feel free to contact us on our e-mail address,

This is Raven and Beez,

Signing out~

P.S: If you want us to place your book on the “Show off YOUR book” page, please mention it in the mail. Only the books we decide to review will be placed on this shelf.