A Vicious review(?) for Vicious by V. E. Schwab


So, Schwab…
Boy! does she come with the hype.

She’s okay.

Nothing more, nothing less, not astounding, not even great. Vicious is just fine (mediocre fine, not fine as in fine ass specimen fine). It’s a light, simple, easy fantasy that sacrifices a possible deeper level to be the commercial-friendly semi suspenseful thriller that it is. You can probably predict the end fairly easily. NOthing new.

It started out smashingly well, I have to say. I loved the dichotomy and dynamic of the slightly erratic and mysterious Eli and the jealous Victor. I love writing that explores jealousy instead of directly villainizing or dehumanizing it. (Give me more please). The chopped-up timeline worked to a tee and it gave off the whiff of the future antagonism in the past parts, while also keeping it fluid and grey. That was fun. Eli and Victor are also pre-med students and I like science so that was alSO fun.
And then the story progressed. Ie, became the fantasy that you’ve read/watched/know endless times before, has little to no depth and is over-the-top easy storytelling.

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Seven Surrenders by Ada Palmer [A sequel where shit hits the fan]

Seven Surrenders

It’s absolutely impossible for me to talk about the plot of this book without giving away major spoilers of the first book (review here) AND this book. So in an attempt to keep this review SPOILER FREE, I’ll try to be as vague as possible.

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The Guns Above by Robyn Bennis [Read to discover a steampunk badass]

The second steampunk novel I’ve read this year and I was NOT disappointed.

The plot: In Robyn Bennis’ The Guns Above, Josette Dupre, our badass protagonist has been made the Corps’ first female airship captain, after she turned the tide against the enemy in a battle.

For Josette, it means a death sentence but a happy one because she finally gets to live her dreams as captain of an airship, but she is also aware of how far some would go to overthrow her. Like Lord Bernat, who was set up by his Uncle to find and record all the negatives of Josette, so that Bernat can get his money and the Uncle would get to see Josette fall.

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Icefall (Episodes 1-6) by Mica Stone and Walt Stone [A perfect icy dytopian read]

I’m so glad I got to read this amazing book after some of my recent disastrous reads. This book takes your over-rated dystopian genre and snows all over it. The plot is such a strong sci-fi, the kind of sci-fi we fail to see in YA genres for some reason because I think “adults” think that “kids” can’t process/handle all that info.

The plot: Take our Earth and dip it in a snow-cone and VOILA! You have Earthland. A world that’s trapped in a perpetual ice-age. There is an endless grey-sky that further promotes the continuous snow fall.

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Looking for space bounty hunters? Chasing Shadows by K.N.Salustro is all you need

This book was provided to me by the author and I’m so glad that she approached me with her book because I absolutely adored it. I would have never known about this gem otherwise so here I am to enlighten you guys now SO THAT YOU CAN FEEL MY PAIN OF BEING IN A FANDOM ALL BY MYSELF!

Also, just so it’s clear, even though I have received the book by the author for free, my opinion is absolutely honest and is in no way biased. You can trust me on that because I loved this book so much that I bought the second book in this series. Yeah, that’s right, I paid actual money because it’s so good. (And I’m so broke all the time you guys so if I’ve gone ahead and bought a book then it’s a huge commitment on my end)

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Tarquin Jenkins and the Book of Dreams by Peter Ford

29201240The plot as I read it: At 13 Tarquin Jenkins discovered that his uncle is a time traveler and now he can finally learn to be one too. Fast forward to age 15 and he has started time traveling alone. The book is filled with adventures and mishaps so I won’t go into further detail in fear of spoiling it.

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Review of Writers of the Future Vol. 32 by… a bunch of people

28189984This was a great read. Basically it’s a collection of short sci-fi and fantasy stories written by new and budding authors. As I read through them I felt so motivated to write because telling a beautiful story in a few pages is a crazy-cool accomplishment that these amazing people did VERY well.

There’s nothing much to discuss when it comes to this book so I’ll just quickly mention some of my favourite short stories and why I liked them.

The first one is Möbius by Christoph Weber (also loved the beautiful illustration by Talia Spencer) This one is a sci-fi. It basically follows the life of an anti-genetic engineering detective Liz Arus whose mum died because of an engineered virus. However the line between allowing genetic engineering to continue in hiding or not blurs when her father gets involved. I loved the writing style, the characters and I love the ending.

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