The truth about keeping secrets is just another Young Adult book. By Savannah Brown. Claps.


Sydney’s dad is the only psychiatrist for miles around their small Ohio town.
He is also unexpectedly dead.
Is Sydney crazy, or is it kind of weird that her dad-a guy whose entire job revolved around other peoples’ secrets-crashed alone, with no explanation?
And why is June Copeland, homecoming queen and the town’s golden child, at his funeral?
As the two girls grow closer in the wake of the accident, it’s clear that not everyone is happy about their new friendship.
But what is picture perfect June still hiding? And does Sydney even want to know?
THE TRUTH ABOUT KEEPING SECRETS is a page-turning, voice led, high school thriller.

This is: Just another YA book. Complete with script and absent parent and angsty child voice. Maybe a little better than many. With this skirted off mystery on the top. A poor rendition into grief and death. With a smacking coping mechanism to go with. A strange half-present friendship. And an unfulfilled heart. Another friendship. The one from that John Green book. Overall nothing really special. Or new. Just your typical. YA book

All of this is to say that. I hate genre publishing. And that fiction should be a cause for digging into something. Not to tie the strings and resolve a long chapter. And I like deeper contemplation. And that this is this authors’ debut. And she’s hardly 20. Which means she’s allowed. All the tropes and tribulations. All the better if she gets to make the sweet dough for life through it. Even better if it appeals to other people. I just hope the industry makes spaces for spillings.

This is also to say. That I hate myself the most. But the review wouldn’t come out any other way. Take my lackluster apology.


(Does anybody reading this care about this blog? Should we just shut it?)

DNF review of The Alpha Drive: The Alpha Drive #1 by Kristen Martin

27174561Publication Date: November 17, 2015

Publisher: Black Falcon Press

Targeted Audience: Young Adult

Genre: Science fiction


[Note: I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review]

This was yet another awful book and by now, having read FOUR awful books that I forced myself to finish, I gave up on this when even 46% of the book failed to grasp me into its hold. So, this is basically my first DNF review (here on the blog).

Some people don’t like reading DNF reviews but I personally love reading them because those are the ones that most of the time tell me whether so-and-so book is worth my time or not. So without further ado, let’s roll *into a jammie dodger*.

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The girl of Myth and Legend: The Chosen Saga #1 by Giselle Simlett


Publication Date: December 29, 2015

Publisher: WWS Publishing

Targeted Audience: Young Adult

Genre: Fantasy/Romance


[Note: I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review]

*inhuman screaming in the distance*

I can’t believe the number of bad books I have been reading recently! Why?? Why me?? It’s been half a year and I have yet to come across more than 2 books that I actually liked. Almost all the books (with the exception of a tiny few) have received less than a 3 feather rating from me. And this book is no exception. I hated it! I hated it so much!

This book has got so many issues. Firstly, the “chosen one” complex. Secondly, an annoying main character. Thirdly, a male character who in the eyes of everyone else is not worthy of love but is obviously the romantic interest of the protagonist. Fourthly, awful dialogue. Fifthly, ERHMAGERD the plot sucks. I can literally go on this way but I’m getting annoyed at myself at this point.

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20 bullet points of hate for The Soul Thief: Angel of Death #1 by Majanka Verstraete


Publication Date: November 10, 2014

Publisher: Booktrope Publishing

Targeted Audience: Young Adult

Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Paranormal


[Note: I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review]

I’m going to be honest- I HATED THIS BOOK! I hated it so much oh god! I should have DNF’ed it but NOPE being the idiot that I am, I read till the end. It was an absolute waste of my time!

*deep breaths*

Now that we have successfully established my hatred for this book. Let’s delve into the why’s.

*I hate in bullet points*

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Top 5 Wednesday: Books n’ Tunes

*clap clap*

Sometimes, as it happens, you’re listening to a song. And that song paints a lovely picture in your head. And sometimes, it happens to fit perfectly with the picture a book puts in your head. And then, ta-da, you get the song and the book married off!

I have wanted to do this type of a post for a while now. When a song fits for me, I have an intense need to tell people about it. Intense.
So, beware, for this post will be intense and, will not follow the first T5W rule (i.e. It’ll be above 5). Let’s bang on:

BeFunky Collage

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Up-close n personal: The Raven boys

So by now I expect you will have heard about the *ahem* great series called The Raven cycle by *ahem* the great Maggie Steifvater.

(If you haven’t, um, what?)



So like I said, the series is *GREAT*, which is basically me containing all my feelings for this *somuchgreat* series. If I let my heart unleash the real meaning of *great*, that’s all this post would be about.

But because of a different objective, I have just used the *ahem* great.

This post is basically about how it’s so *great*. I read the first book in the series and I just noted my favorite and most liked parts and the little things that make the series so *great*! So follow me (into a list that is infinite):

[Basically, I took notes while reading parts of the book. Read only if you’ve read the book, it’ll only make sense then. I hope this list reminds you of them, the Raven boys and you remember the little things you forgot and the whole magic of it.]

Did you know that Blue needs sleep for quality spikes (for Noah to pet)?

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Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

FangirlPublication Date: September 10, 2013

Publisher: St, Martin’s Press

Pages: 445

Targeted Audience: All Fangirls (new and old)

Genre: Contemporary fiction

Blurb: Cath and Wren are identical twins, and until recently they did absolutely everything together. Now they’re off to university and Wren’s decided she doesn’t want to be one half of a pair any more – she wants to dance, meet boys, go to parties and let loose. It’s not so easy for Cath. She’s horribly shy and has always buried herself in the fan fiction she writes, where she always knows exactly what to say and can write a romance far more intense than anything she’s experienced in real life.

Now Cath has to decide whether she’s ready to open her heart to new people and new experiences, and she’s realizing that there’s more to learn about love than she ever thought possible …


I am ready for this.

Let’s begin.

So… I-uh…I really… I just… Damn man! I am not ready! And I don’t think I ever will be. Recently I have read so many beautiful books like ‘Me Before You’, ‘Between the Lines’, Addition’, ‘Pivot Point’, ‘The distance between us’, and many many others but this book… This book is on a whole new level.

Now I am going to be honest with you here. Beez was the one who suggested that we should read this book since we have been fangirling over Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural and Loki for a pretty long time.

So we start reading this book and it doesn’t speak out to us. I mean, when you start reading a good book, the first page itself grips you in its tentacles and pulls you in but this book did not do that. We read like twenty or so pages and gave up on it. But then we read a few reviews by other people on this book and almost everyone loved it and so we decided to start off again and we kept reading and kept reading and kept reading…

For me, I was entranced by the book as soon as Reagan started talking to Cath. Her character was just so vibrant and hilarious. I have a bus mate who is exactly like her so I always kept imagining Reagan as that girl and now whenever I see her (My bus mate) I can’t stop snickering! Reagan is a very intimidating person. Usually I don’t get along with people who intimidate me but she and Cath got along so well that I couldn’t help loving her.

Oops! Before we get into characters, the blurb. 

So Cath and Wren are twins. They have an awesome Geek dad and their mom left them when they were kids. Wren decides to go to college in Lincoln which is pretty far away from Omaha and Cath is forced to go as well.

Wren and Cath love each other (I mean they are twins! They grew up together) but Wren wants to have her own identity and so she does everything from cutting her hair to getting a different roommate in college. However, Cath doesn’t want to let go of her sister. She does not like change. All she wants to do is sit in her room, put her glasses on and write Simon Snow fan-fiction and give Simon and Baz (The two main characters in the Simon Snow books) THE best ending ever. 

Simon Snow: It’s just like how Harry Potter is to us.

Cath has a huge number of people who follow her fan-fiction and since she just loves writing she chooses ‘fiction writing’ as one of her subjects in college. And now she gets to learn from an awesome fiction writer called Professor Piper who thinks fan-fiction is plagiarism. 

The problem: Cath can’t let go of Simon and Baz. She is losing her sister but gaining an awesome guy in the process. And as you can see, there is more ‘change’ than she can handle. 

Now lets continue with the characters.

Cath/Cather as we know, is a not so ordinary girl who has an ear fetish. Yeah… that pretty much sums it up.

Hahaha! Not really, I am just kidding.
It’s just that Cath is so human that I can’t describe her in a few words. She is a lot of things-funny, awkward, serious, nerdy, geeky, reluctant to trust people, indecisive, caring, etc. She is more human than any character I have ever read about. I just feel like I can relate to her. In fact, all the book worms who go around fangirling can relate to her. She is just so ‘us’ and I love that about her. 
Wren on the other hand was a complete arse in the whole book! Specially when she made fun of Simon and Baz, I was really pissed then. But by the end I fell in love with her too. She is back with Cath, writing fan-fiction with her, fangirling over Simon and Baz and just plain having fun.Levi is just… Levi. He kind of resembles Tom Hiddleston in his views on being kind to everyone. He has a never-ending supply of smiles, a widows peak which reminds me of Matt Smith and Chris Hemsworth, and a very funny sense of humor. He isn’t like the guys you read in every freaking god damn book! He isn’t hot, he isn’t 6 foot, he isn’t muscular and well built, in short-I love him! He is a normal guy. He feels so real that when someone reminds you that he is just a character it’s like a huge slap to your face. To be honest, I think Rainbow Rowell wrote Fangirl because she knew that people who would read it would fangirl over it and she was right.

Levi is not someone you would fall for on first sight. He has got so many layers to him. As Cath gets to know him more she falls for him harder and harder and so did I. He is such a sweet guy. Very very very few authors write guy characters who are sweet and not arrogant. Who try to win over a girl by being sweet to her instead of being a complete jerk. I could go on about him forever.

I want to marry a guy like him. And that is final. I ain’t having no other kind.

Also the fact that he loves it when Cath reads books to him is just so ‘sawoon’ worthy.

Honestly, I never knew how the ending would turn out to be. Maybe it’s because I never thought of the ending. I just kept reading. Never even bothered to look at the page numbers and before I knew it I was on the last page! I never cry over happy endings but this was one book in which I did. I just had soo many emotions going through my heart. And uh… we fangirled over the book.

P.S: There is a tumblr page called Carry On (Since that is the name of the book Cath was writing-Carry On, Simon) where you can read more excerpts from the Simon Snow books! And loads of fan art! It is awesome! Click here—> (Oh and Magicath is Caths fanfiction-writer name)

Before we wrap up:

(Reagan) “I feel sorry for you, and I’m going to be your friend.”

“I don’t want to be your friend,” Cath said as sternly as she could. “I like that we’re not friends.”

“Me, too. I’m sorry you ruined it by being so pathetic.”

Now you know why we like her so much. 

 (A conversation between Levi and Cath)

“What’s the plan?’ she asked.

He grinned. ‘My plan is to do things that make you want to hang out with me again tomorrow. What’s your plan?’

‘I’m going to try not to make an ass of myself.’

He grinned. ‘So we’re all set.”

Notice how he is grinning the whole time?

Cath: I still can’t believe you work in Starbucks.

Levi: What’s wrong with Starbucks?

Cath: It’s just such a huge, faceless corporation.

Levi: So far they have let me keep my face.

How can you not love his humor??

Recommendation: JUST READ IT!

Ratings: My entire beating heart.


It’s not gross!

Lots of love and Pasta,


Siblinghood (Sisterhood) of the world bloggers

Sisterhood 1

First of all, thank you so much LuniReads for tagging us. We feel so great (:)))) to know that we are being recognized and accepted in the blogging community.

The rules are as follows:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their blog
  • Put the award logo on your blog
  • Answer the 10 questions sent to you
  • Make up 10 new questions for your nominees to answer
  • Nominate 10 blogs

Luna’s Questions:

1. Would you rather go to Hogwarts or camp half-blood?

Raven: That’s a very tough question! I love both of them so much but I think I would choose Hogwarts because MAGIC YOU GUYS! And Since Voldemort is dead and gone, I’ll be able to live as a witch in peace.

Beez: Hogwarts! I don’t want to explain myself except mmmhheerg!

2. Do you prefer hardcovers or paperbacks?

Raven: I prefer buying paperbacks (Obviously cause they are cheap) But I do like reading a hardcover.

Beez: Paperbacks. I like how they look more and how they feel more (except for in some books).

3. What is your favourite YA fantasy book?

Raven: My favourite YA fantasy book would be Mistborn but I’m not sure if that’s a proper YA novel. *edit* AND THE RAVEN CYCLE! HOW COULD I FORGET??

Beez: The raven cycle! The raven cycle! The raven cycle! (x500)

4. What is your goodreads reading goal for 2016?

Raven: My goodreads reading goal is 40 but our collective goal is 100.

Beez: I put mine up as 70 but I’m confident that I will end up crossing it because I plan to read plenty of graphic novels this year.

5. What is the best bookish item you own?

Raven: Sadly, I don’t own a lot of bookish items except maybe my bookmarks? I love my bookmarks a LOT!

Beez: I have a what-I-read journal which has a dinosaur on the front and I love it too much.

6. What is the scariest book you have ever read?

Raven: I haven’t read many scary novels. I used to read goosebumps as a kid but it never scared me, neither did Darren Shan. I have read Carrie by Stephen King but I thought it was more creepy and less scary.

Beez: I haven’t read many scary books either but I remember being very nicely scared when I read Never have I ever (by Sara Shepard) as a kid. And while Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children (by Ransom Riggs) was not scary as a whole, the house exploration parts were delish.

7. Do you own a reading tablet?

Raven: Nope.

Beez: Ditto.

8. Where do you buy your books?

Raven: I buy my books from a lot of different bookstores. If I want to buy particular covers I go to Kinokuniya, if I want something cheap I go to Jashanmal, The old library, a local bookstore or book depository (Free shipping!)

Beez: Our usual stop is KinoKuniya, but for cheap and lucky book hauls we got to The old library. Jashanmal is always gold in terms of price.

9. Do you prefer vampires or werewolves?

Raven: I wanted to say werewolves because of Twilight. I love that they turn into actual wolves, but they are actually shape-shifters so I would say Vampires (not the sparkly ones).

Beez: I too shall go with vampires because I really like their super strength(?) and sleekness. I really liked The vampire academy series.

10. What is your favourite YA contemporary?

Raven: My favourite YA contemporary will definitely be The perks of being a wallflower by Stephen Chbosky (agree) and Looking for Alaska by John Green.

Beez: Probably Fangirl (Rainbow Rowell).  And I do love Along for the ride (Sarah Dessen). I have this fantasy that I will love A. S. King’s books because I love their titles but I really really don’t want to be disappointed (like I have been multiple times) so I’ll probably never read them.

Our Questions:

1. What is your favorite reading spot?

2. How old were you when you realized that you loved books?

3. Would you rather learn magic to save the world or some kind of a fighting technique (If so which one)?

4. Unicorn or Pegasus?

5. Which book made you cry so much that you exhausted your feelings reserve?

6. Favorite Marvel hero and favorite Marvel villain?

7. Do you read books in one sitting (or in two days) often? Do you like reading in one sitting or in one or two days? Normally, over how many days do you read a book? How many days would you like to read a book in, on a regular basis?

8. How do you dress at home?

9. Do your parents read? Which genre? Do they read books you recommend? Do you tell your parents in detail about the books you read and discuss your feeling with them? Do your parents still read out loud to you?

10. What non-fiction subject would you read a book on? Biology, self help, politics, biography, economics….?

We tag:

@Alyssaisreading, @Cupofbooks, @Pagesoftess, @Geekgurlblogs, @Dee’slibrary , @comfyreading and @Serialreadersmaster

They are also our new followers and we want you guys to know that we love you so much!

This is Raven and Beez,

Signing out~

Stargirl: Stargirl #1 by Jerry Spinelli


Publication date: September, 2002

Publisher: Scholastic

Pages: 186

Targeted Audience: Young Adult/Middle Grade

Genre: Contemporary/Coming-of-age

From the day she arrives at quiet Mica High in a burst of color and sound, hallways hum “Stargirl.” She captures Leo Borlock’s heart with one smile. She sparks a school-spirit revolution with one cheer. The students of Mica High are enchanted. Until they are not. Leo urges her to become the very thing that can destroy her – normal.


This is a book about a girl named Stargirl. If I had to choose one word to describe Stargirl it would be magical. Stargirl Caraway is magical.

She is fascinating, different, unique, mesmerizing and beautiful.

She waltzes in like a breeze of fresh air and leaves them speechless.

She has a totally different way of looking at the world around her. She is completely fascinating.

She completely captured my heart as she did Leo.

There is a boy, Leo. From the first day Stargirl comes he is too mesmerized like all of the others. He has never seen anyone as her, no one so vibrant and fascinating.

Every next thing she does makes him more and more hooked to her.       

Every day he waits for her and wonders what she will do that day. Like everyone else he is intrigued.

Further more, the things she does not only stuns him but also creates questions in his mind and enraptures him. He wonders and is puzzled. He is also terrified of her. He wonders what is she. He tries to identify or give her some sort of word, but with Stargirl that never works out.

I loved this book. In fact I’m going to be reading it again and note down all the amazing lines even though there might be quite a lot.

Its such a shame there are hardly any Stargirl’s left in this world. This world needs Stargirl.

I applaud Jerry Spinelli. He has written this book artfully. And this type of book takes courage to write.

I feel like I shouldn’t give you a summary of this book. I feel that every person should experience it without any pre-thoughts or something. Also, every stage fascinates you and if I tell you, what fun will it be? Discovering Stargirl and her antics are so much fun and adds such a lightness and wonder to this book. I felt every part of this book was good. It was quite real.

And as for Leo, though I felt he was useless I don’t quite blame him. We might think we would have chosen otherwise but it makes us wonder what is really important. Would we be brave enough to choose Stargirl?

This is not a love story or anything dramatically teenager. Its about being yourself.

Stargirl is plain magic, the way she enraptures the people and stuns them, not caring even a little what they think. 

Finding out Stargirl through Leo’s eyes was brilliant. The way this story progresses is brilliant. This is a unique book. I think everyone should read it.

No one is as brave as Stargirl. It takes real courage to be her. 

I don’t believe anyone cant like this book. This is not like other books, its a different and special book.        

As for the ending, I have to say this is one of the best books worth that sort of an ending. It might not be amazing but its wonderful in its own sense.

Stargirl might be gone, but she is forever.

Now toodles cause I gotta go read the sequel.

Recommendation: To anyone who wants to feel special and fall in love.

Ratings: 5/5 It is worth it.

5 cupcakes

Lots of love,


The Quote Challenge- Day 3

The final day of the quote challenge is going to be a few quotes that are really special to us.

We were nominated by The River of books blog.

The rules are:

  1. Post for three consecutive days
  2.  You can pick three quotes per day
  3. Challenge three different bloggers per day

Our quotes:


“Because that which was new was almost always temporary. And that which was temporary broke your heart.”

-Cassandra Clare, City of Heavenly Fire.


“People should come with warnings, like cigarette packs: Involvement would kill you overtime.”

-Lauren Oliver, Rooms.


“People tend to complicate their own lives, as if living weren’t already complicated enough.”

-Carlos Ruiz Zafon, The shadow of the wind.

We would like to tag:

Simpleabookdrunkardblog.wordpress, Leahsbookblogblog.wordpress and Chloesbooksblog.wordpress. (They are also our new followers and they have some amazing content, do check them out)

And that concludes our final post in the 3 Days 3 Quotes challenge. It was great to be a part of this amazing chain post and we hope to be tagged in more bookish tags.

This is Raven and Beez,

Signing out~