Tell us

We, Raven and Beez are strictly of the teens, by the teens and for the teens. (Yo! Abraham Lincoln)

So it is our duty to take regard of what you have to say.

In the box below you are allowed to exercise your free will to any extent, no limits at all.

Suggestions (you can never have too many), complains (likewise) and feedback (we prefer the good kind).

And of course if you are bursting to share how you felt about some book then be our guest because lucky for you we do one guest review every month.

Also you can ask us to do a review on any book that you want us to do and if we get our hands on them, we will do it! (E-mail us about it!)

Lots of love and lollipops

Raven & Beez.

P.S: We are fervently praying to hear from you. And also since we are so intent on satisfying our viewers we have decided to make a new page where we will advertise books written by you! Published or not (i.e. if it’s on any other site such as Wattpad or Widbook, etc) 

So don’t be shy to mail us at excuse the weird ID name, as told in the ‘about us’ section we are crazy!


10 thoughts on “Tell us

  1. I love the way you’ve organized your website! I was wondering if you can give tips on how to go about personalizing and creating such a great blog and reaching out on so many different platforms?

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    • You can send it to us through our email

      We would need links to other sites relating to your book like goodreads, amazon and the author’s site. The first and/or second chapter of the book should be attached as well so as to help us decide whether we would like to continue reading it.

      Thank you so much, for your interest.


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