The Reader Confession Tag


Let’s be honest… we weren’t tagged to do this but we were desperate to talk about ourselves. Also, Holly said “YOU” at the end of her tags so excuse me but who are we to pass over an opportunity?

We were inspired to do this tag after we saw Holly, over @Nutfreenerd do it. Check her fabulous blog if you haven’t already!

And we really tried to find out who made this tag first but we couldn’t, so whoever made this tag… hey there.

Here come the questions:

Have you ever damaged a book?

Raven: Umm… it was a really old book that I got from the library. So the pages fell out the minute I opened it. I taped it all up though. I’ve been known to fix every book I see.

Beez: Yeh. See books are my most priced possessions, mine or someone else’s. But so is dumping things. So things happen. I hate myself for them but they still happen and probably will still.

Have you ever damaged a borrowed book?

Raven: Nope… unless you count the above.

Beez: Umm

How long does it take you to read a book?

Raven: Depends on the size of the book honestly, and also how interesting it is. A 100 page book with dull af characters takes me a century.

Beez: A ruler

Im hilarious.gif

Books that you haven’t finished?

Raven: My “Abandoned” shelf on Goodreads says 13. The recent one being Outlander by Diana Galbaldon.

Beez: All of them.

Hyped/ Popular books you didn’t like?

Raven: That’s a list I’d rather not talk about. *Screams at the sun at the very thought*

Beez: All of them.


Is there a book you wouldn’t tell anyone you were reading?

Raven: If I ever read the below.

Beez: Porn. (I want to change this to A sex guide. But idk which ones funnier)

How many books do you own?

Raven: I just counted it and it’s 115. I think I’ve got another 15-20 books in India.

Beez: I’m in denial.

Are you a fast reader or a slow reader?

Raven: Depends on the book.

Beez: All of them

Do you like to buddy read?

Raven: Always.

Beez: Yes. But I also don’t think I’m good at it.

Do you read better in your head or out loud?

Raven: In my head. Out loud I get tired quick and reading feels like a chore.

Beez: In that pig sty.

If you were only allowed to own one book, what would it be and why?

Raven: The Book Thief because I love crying my eyes out.

Beez: Landline so I could cry at every word.

ugly crying.gif

We tag: YOU

And also…




This is Raven and Beez,

Signing out~

200 followers and 80 posts later…


Thank you all so much! We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for your undying support for all the crap we put up on this blog. Even when we disappeared for a month (Well we were in a place away from the internet…) you people still stuck with us. So thank you!

What in the even

This is Beez and I after we got the notification

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Review of A torch against the night by Sabaa Tahir

2 Raven's

Now based on my review of the first book one might think I wouldn’t continue the series but I felt it had potential to be something more and so I did… also because I was part of a read along on instagram… so yeah.

My view of the plot: We pick off right where we left off at the end of the first book (which is something that I’ve never seen before) and this time Laia is hell bent on getting her brother out of the worst prison, Kauf. And Elias is with her through and through.

Now that Marcus is Emperor, he forces Helene, the newest Blood Shrike a.k.a second in command, to hunt down Elias and so begins a great book.

To be honest, I’m glad I continued on to the second book of this series because I really enjoyed this book and here are the reasons why:

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Review (Rant?) of An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

2 Raven's

Wow… I read this book with a bunch of people on bookstagram and everyone else seemed to love it while I was possibly the only one commenting about how much I hated everything. *imagine me typing shit with a shriveled face*

Oh wait stop imagining that for I haves the gifs-

typing shit.gif

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Meeting Authors and why I’m secretly a Time lord

If a book blows away my mind, sucks away my soul and leaves me a hollow shell then I know that I have found my new favourite author.

In my mind, once I have fallen in a deep chasm of love for a book, the immediate next thing I do is sketch the name of that author on my forehead and that’s where I stop.

I hardly ever follow any of them on social media because in my mind they are these perfect beings who are above humanity. And to keep this view from faltering I keep any kind of possible communication with them to a minimum (also because I’m a disaster at communication and if I said anything to them they would shun me forever and then I’d just have to bury myself alive)

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Mini Book Reviews #2

Mini Reviews Raven

I made a list of all the books I need to review and I’ve realized that there are waaay too many of them and so obviously, here’s another edition of my mini reviews! Because I’m super lazy but I also cannot sleep at night if I don’t review them.

#1 The Haters by Jesse Andrews

26095121This is a book that I bought for Beez when it was decided that she was leaving for India forever (I still don’t know what she means by forever… #ignorantbae) I knew that I didn’t have the time to read it but I also REALLY NEEDED TO READ IT cause… I wanted to put in my notes all over it.*

*I also just wanted to really read it

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An extremely long book: The goldfinch by Donna Tartt

1 Beez's

Warning: This review will contain excessive gloating over the fact that I finished this book. BECAUSE ITS FUCKING HUGE. It’s loooong. It’s massive. And I finished it. I fucking finished it. And I will keep repeating it.

So essentially, this book is a coming of age story of a boy named Theo, who, in a terrorist bombing, loses his mother, his brain and his common sense, steals a painting, lives the rest of his life in his own stewed pot of sadness, disaster and drugs. Lots of that. (me being me, extremely enjoyed the drug parts).

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Steelheart by Mr. Cutie a.k.a Brandon Sanderson

17727802Joint review!!! We haven’t done one in such a long time, we almost don’t remember how to do it. Haha! Kidding, we don’t remember at all…

Beez: This is my first Sanderson book. My other half (read: Raven), adores Sanderson to a large (understatement) extent and has so many of his books! In fact she gave me one because she had two copies?

Raven: To be clear, there was a HUGE sale on his books and I got so excited that I accidentally bought two copies of the same book (Book Two part one of the Way of Kings I think). It’s a mistake I don’t fully regret.

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A book with a fierce female character; And I Darken by Kiersten White

27190613I picked this book up because Paperfury had some really good things to say about it and I couldn’t resist reading a book where a European eastern culture is dealt with.

This book is basically a take on Ottoman history’s famous- Vlad Dracula. What if he was a girl? Meet Laga Dragwyla. She and her brother Radu, have been abandoned at the hands of the Ottomans, who she despises. From a very young age, we see Lada being fierce and Radu being gentle and kind, traits that are “expected” to be in the opposite genders.

Then they meet the Ottoman prince Mehmed, and as they grow up with him in the kingdom, their friendship and loyalties are constantly at peril.

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Why I don’t like the romance genre

I’ve been wanting to talk about this topic for a very long time but I never got around to it cause I’m a lazy shit bag. So, moving on.

I don’t hate romance. I really don’t, but when you give me a book where two characters only care about each other and no one else (or nothing else), not only is it unrealistic but it’s also uninteresting.

I prefer a mix of romance with fantasy or sci-fi because the romance is in the background. It’s not all over my face. I like it when the characters start off as any two strangers would, or when they meet up for a purpose and slowly fall in love.

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