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You might have noticed it (or not!), but we haven’t posted in a hot minute. This isn’t apt to change either.. Both Raven and I (Beez) work and have our asses up a lot of world shit now. We are still the greatest of pals, still do the reading-schmeding; one of us writes professionally, the other proofreads, but it’s clear this isn’t the place. This blog was for our teenage selves (as apparent below), and for whatever reason, we’ve swapped out that -teen for twenty-something: still as naive, but less wanting to expose ourselves for it.

We’re keeping the text that was here originally as it is, of archival reasons. Which is to say, I still have an inflated sense of self and am thinking of submitting this to before wordpress gets swallowed up by some giant corporation (RIP yahoo answers?). You can enjoy the dregs of our teenage timepasts and our whatsapp fueled 1 am ideas, but I won’t blame you if you don’t.

This also means that we’re not doing reviews on this blog, either of our own volition or through requests. And while we can’t stop you from sending us emails, this might help you reconsider. (The email is still here for now, because we’re always open for just chats and nostalgia.) Go forth and may you find your way! Adieu?


[written pre 2015]

Imagine this page as a museum shelf. 

This is where you keep your books on display for others to look, judge and finally, read. 

This page is for anyone and everyone who has ever written a few lines for the world to read and savour. And for those who look for the undiscovered gems waiting to be found. 

Remember, all you writers, writing is an art, not all get it, but it is powerful enough to change the course of those who do.

Never be afraid, young writer, your time shall come…

Whether it be a story you published, wrote on Wattpad, Widbook or on your own personal blog. Just email us at with your book’s links (and a cute message because who doesn’t love reading sweet messages?), whatever be its social status, we shall place it among all the other amazing books on our shelves.

DISCLAIMER: Only books reviewed by us are mentioned on this page.

Lucius Cane
Sid red rim






Simply click on the image you want to read a review of.

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