Holding up the Universe by Jennifer Niven

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I got this book from Netgalley after I saw some super positive reviews on it. It was only after I had finished the book that I realized that this was the book that had caused such an uproar on goodreads because of the “fat girl” blurb.

Let me clear something up. I do not know what it’s like to be bullied because of being fat, but my sister is fat and I see how much she has to go through. People keep telling her to be “like me” and that’s such bullshit because I eat like a pregnant woman. I just happen to have a fairly quick metabolism.

So basically my sister is told to change something that she cannot control…

*insert my eyes bleeding because of the excessive eye rolling*

And I have noticed that a MAJORITY of the negative bashing on goodreads has come from people who do not know what it’s like to be fat and be bullied for it. This is the classic case of being extra for something that has nothing to do with you! I’m not saying that you should not support fat people. I’m saying, stop assuming what they might think. Because as an Indian Muslim, I know just how common that is!

People seem to express their opinions and then force it down the minority groups without truly understanding the minority. And I hate the word minority considering how there are more of us than them! Okay I’m gonna stop talking because this is a topic I have strong feelings about and it should be up for discussion some other day.

28686840Moving on, here’s the plot as I read it: Libby was dubbed “America’s fattest teen” once. The hospital had to break open her house and lift her out in a crane to help her with her obesity. But now, Libby’s ready for high school and this is her story of self-confidence.

Jack is your everyday popular high school teenager except he’s got prosopagnosia, a condition where he cannot remember or recognize faces. He can’t let anyone know about this in fear of being an outcast. And this is his story of acceptance.

I absolutely loved this book.

I’m not a fan of contemporary and I absolutely despise cliched romantic novels but this book was fluffy, cute, empowering and everything that makes my insides warm and fuzzy.

The writing was so captivating. I didn’t expect the writing to be so simple yet so powerful. Jennifer Niven was absolutely wonderful in that regard. This is my first book of hers and I already know that this is not going to be the last.

The characters! Oh man, where do I even begin? Libby and Jack are so BEAUTIFUL! I love them so much that my heart hurts just thinking about them because I’ll never be able to hug these beautiful souls.

Libby is self-confident yet we see that many a times her confidence wavers and that makes her so human. While her confidence issue arises from her weight, I can still totally relate to it because of all the times I had been bullied for my skin colour, something that I couldn’t possibly change. My point is that everyone can relate to her because she is just this beacon of light for the people who need help. She is such an amazing role model but we get to see the behind-the-scenes of sort when she becomes sour and mean and she bites because she is afraid. And I love her for how she doesn’t let her flaws overpower her.


Me cheering for my babies, Jack and Libby

Jack is again, so human. We see that his popularity doesn’t mean he is mean and a bully (which I know is a cliche) but we also see times when he gets on the “bandwagon” as psychology says, where you do something just because others around you are doing it. He isn’t perfect, but he tries, and for that I love him. His acceptance of his condition and to not let it define his life is beautiful and it lets me know that there will always be people who will love you for you.

I have read a few reviews that have bashed this book for following the “Everything-becomes-alright-once-you’re-in-love” trope but I beg to differ. Libby has been self-confident and amazing on her own. Yes, Jack needed Libby to tell him that there was nothing wrong with him but is that a bad thing? To have someone support you and tell you to be you?

As I read it, I didn’t think they “became alright” after they fell for each other. They supported each other and that’s why they fell in love, and to me, that’s the best form of love.

Wow, me is being so romantic. I think I need to go in a corner and just eat some manly biscuits to get the tomboy back in me. (I’m just kidding guys!)


So that was my review of this beautiful book. But I do have a brain and I know that not everyone will feel the same as me and that’s okay. Let me know if you’ve read this book and tell me what you thought about it in the comments below!

Lots of love and more love,


“Hey kid, you want some dragons?” Upon dragons breath by Ava Richardson [Spoiler free trilogy review!]

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I came across this series on Netgalley and immediately downloaded it because I had been craving dragons for a long time now. I mean who doesn’t like dragons? HOW can you not like dragons?? They are fierce and scary and humongous and ADORABLE!

And if they breathe fire then that’s a bonus!

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I Dare You #Booktag


We decided to do this book tag after the fabtastic @Paperfury did it over at her blog. Go check out her blog if you haven’t already!


Raven: I had to look at my goodreads shelf for this and apparently Son of Sobek by Rick Riordan has been on my shelf since January 4, 2014…

Beez: *Denial*

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Shadow and Bone & a few other novellas by Leigh Bardugo

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This is another bookstagram readalong that I was a part of. The plan was to read ALL the three novels in this series. Here’s a heads up: That didn’t happen.


Because this book sucked balls.

I don’t know what I was expecting when I started the book. Just that EVERYONE loved it and were dying over the characters. And then I read it and I felt like such a party pooper. I don’t want to hate on books but if you give me a book like this where everything is so dull and cliche and basically nothing bloody happens? Hell yeah I’m going to piss over it.

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The Reader Confession Tag


Let’s be honest… we weren’t tagged to do this but we were desperate to talk about ourselves. Also, Holly said “YOU” at the end of her tags so excuse me but who are we to pass over an opportunity?

We were inspired to do this tag after we saw Holly, over @Nutfreenerd do it. Check her fabulous blog if you haven’t already!

And we really tried to find out who made this tag first but we couldn’t, so whoever made this tag… hey there.

Here come the questions:

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200 followers and 80 posts later…


Thank you all so much! We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for your undying support for all the crap we put up on this blog. Even when we disappeared for a month (Well we were in a place away from the internet…) you people still stuck with us. So thank you!

What in the even

This is Beez and I after we got the notification

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Review of A torch against the night by Sabaa Tahir

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Now based on my review of the first book one might think I wouldn’t continue the series but I felt it had potential to be something more and so I did… also because I was part of a read along on instagram… so yeah.

My view of the plot: We pick off right where we left off at the end of the first book (which is something that I’ve never seen before) and this time Laia is hell bent on getting her brother out of the worst prison, Kauf. And Elias is with her through and through.

Now that Marcus is Emperor, he forces Helene, the newest Blood Shrike a.k.a second in command, to hunt down Elias and so begins a great book.

To be honest, I’m glad I continued on to the second book of this series because I really enjoyed this book and here are the reasons why:

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Review (Rant?) of An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

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Wow… I read this book with a bunch of people on bookstagram and everyone else seemed to love it while I was possibly the only one commenting about how much I hated everything. *imagine me typing shit with a shriveled face*

Oh wait stop imagining that for I haves the gifs-

typing shit.gif

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Meeting Authors and why I’m secretly a Time lord

If a book blows away my mind, sucks away my soul and leaves me a hollow shell then I know that I have found my new favourite author.

In my mind, once I have fallen in a deep chasm of love for a book, the immediate next thing I do is sketch the name of that author on my forehead and that’s where I stop.

I hardly ever follow any of them on social media because in my mind they are these perfect beings who are above humanity. And to keep this view from faltering I keep any kind of possible communication with them to a minimum (also because I’m a disaster at communication and if I said anything to them they would shun me forever and then I’d just have to bury myself alive)

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