Looking for space bounty hunters? Chasing Shadows by K.N.Salustro is all you need

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This book was provided to me by the author and I’m so glad that she approached me with her book because I absolutely adored it. I would have never known about this gem otherwise so here I am to enlighten you guys now SO THAT YOU CAN FEEL MY PAIN OF BEING IN A FANDOM ALL BY MYSELF!

Also, just so it’s clear, even though I have received the book by the author for free, my opinion is absolutely honest and is in no way biased. You can trust me on that because I loved this book so much that I bought the second book in this series. Yeah, that’s right, I paid actual money because it’s so good. (And I’m so broke all the time you guys so if I’ve gone ahead and boughtΒ a book then it’s a huge commitment on my end)

20946355The plot: The book is set in a future where aliens and humans mingle. There exists a Star Federation, sort of like a space police, that was created after the Adromedan war to ensure peace in the galaxy. And when a star federation officer is assassinated, the Commander named Lance Ashburn and his Arkin -an adorable yet fierce winged creature- Orion, go on the hunt for The Shadow (Lisa), an Alpha class bounty hunter, who is suspected as the assassinator.

He comes really close to catching her, but when they meet, things bigger than catching a bounty hunter surfaces. Something that could plunge the entire galaxy back into war.

Firstly, the writing in this book is a classic sci-fi style that I enjoyed immediately. It had been so long since I had read some pure sci-fi, so this came in like a breath of fresh air. I never felt like I needed to adjust to it. It just immediately latched onto me.

Secondly, the world building is so unique and well done. The vast history and politics was never info-dumped on the reader. I’m really looking forward to reading the next book (It’s already out guys!) because I know there is SO much more yet to be discovered about this world.

Thirdly, the characters were well fleshed out and I can’t wait to read the second book so I can be reunited with them. Lance and his arkin Orion, Lissa and her arkin Blade have such a strong yet different bond. Reading this book made me REALLY want an Arkin for myself. And the characters bounce off of each other so well and not once did they feel out of character.


A fanart of Lissa and her arkin Blade

I did feel at one point in the entire book that the plot felt a bit uneven but the overall experience I had while reading the book simply overrides the minor shortcomings.

Thank you

If you are a die hard fan of space sci-fi and love intense space wars and good world building then this book is DEFINITELY for you. I wouldn’t recommend it to people who want to start getting into sci-fi because it can be a bit daunting, but if you’re up for the challenge, then hell yeah! Go ahead and pick it up!

You can follow the author on her website: @knsalustro

And here is where you can buy her e-books: Chasing Shadows #1, Unbroken Light #2

You can find the artist of that amazing fanart on Deviantart: @Hazumirien

So tell me, have you guys read any intense space science fiction? If yes, then suggest them to me down below and if you’ve read this book then tell me your thoughts about it!

Lots of love and cute furry creatures,


Tarquin Jenkins and the Book of Dreams by Peter Ford

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I received this book by the author, but my review is super honest regardless.

29201240The plot as I read it: At 13 Tarquin Jenkins discovered that his uncle is a time traveler and now he can finally learn to be one too. Fast forward to age 15 and he has started time traveling alone. The book is filled with adventures and mishaps so I won’t go into further detail in fear of spoiling it.

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Bookish Resolution: More Poetry

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In the beginning of this year, when everyone was busy trying eat more healthy and exercise more, I opened up my imaginary notepad and wrote down, “Read more poems” and I’m glad to say that I actually have read 5 poetry books so far. It’s a huge upgrade from my previous number which was 0.

So if you’re looking to read some poetry books this year, lemme help you out a bit with my mini poetry reviews.

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Twisted minds: Eileen by Ottessa Moshfegh

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Eileen is the debutante novel by Ottessa Moshfegh, about the titular character Eileen, an outsider, a lonesome woman in the 1960’s living in a gloomy town in New England, a self-obsessed woman working as a secretary in a young boy’s juvenile correctional facility. The book follows Eileen a week before a looming life-altering incident through Eileen’s thoughts, her obsessions, behavior, her routine, and her relationship with her old alcoholic father, her fantasies regarding a handsome guard at work and towards the end, her obsession and friendship with the new and beautiful Rebecca, also from work.

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Holding up the Universe by Jennifer Niven

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I got this book from Netgalley after I saw some super positive reviews on it. It was only after I had finished the book that I realized that this was the book that had caused such an uproar on goodreads because of the “fat girl” blurb.

Let me clear something up. I do not know what it’s like to be bullied because of being fat, but my sister is fat and I see how much she has to go through. People keep telling her to be “like me” and that’s such bullshit because I eat like a pregnant woman. I just happen to have a fairly quick metabolism.

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“Hey kid, you want some dragons?” Upon dragons breath by Ava Richardson [Spoiler free trilogy review!]

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I came across this series on Netgalley and immediately downloaded it because I had been craving dragons for a long time now. I mean who doesn’t like dragons? HOW can you not like dragons?? They are fierce and scary and humongous and ADORABLE!

And if they breathe fire then that’s a bonus!

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I Dare You #Booktag


We decided to do this book tag after the fabtastic @Paperfury did it over at her blog. Go check out her blog if you haven’t already!


Raven: I had to look at my goodreads shelf for this and apparently Son of Sobek by Rick Riordan has been on my shelf since January 4, 2014…

Beez: *Denial*

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Shadow and Bone & a few other novellas by Leigh Bardugo

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This is another bookstagram readalong that I was a part of. The plan was to read ALL the three novels in this series. Here’s a heads up: That didn’t happen.


Because this book sucked balls.

I don’t know what I was expecting when I started the book. Just that EVERYONE loved it and were dying over the characters. And then I read it and I felt like such a party pooper. I don’t want to hate on books but if you give me a book like this where everything is so dull and cliche and basically nothing bloody happens? Hell yeah I’m going to piss over it.

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The Reader Confession Tag


Let’s be honest… we weren’t tagged to do this but we were desperate to talk about ourselves. Also, Holly said “YOU” at the end of her tags so excuse me but who are we to pass over an opportunity?

We were inspired to do this tag after we saw Holly, over @Nutfreenerd do it. Check her fabulous blog if you haven’t already!

And we really tried to find out who made this tag first but we couldn’t, so whoever made this tag… hey there.

Here come the questions:

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