Secrets for the Mad by Dodie Clark [YouTube is actually a wannabe writers detour]

a youtuber book

a youtuber book

I mean, I picked it up so blame me.

I believe in principle that YouTubers should not write memoirs and self-help books unless they’re an in-depth one on YouTube specifically. But that’s not how the world works is it? This world works on a if-it-cashes-in basis.

‘This is for the people with minds that just don’t stop; for those who feel everything seemingly a thousand times more than the people around them.
Here are some words I wrote.’

Dorothy “Dodie” Clark is an English singer, songwriter, and YouTuber.

Ngl we get curious about YouTubers. Humans are creatures prone to fallacies and the internet age fueled by capitalism feeds this particular one. Except, do you see the trap? Do you? YouTubers are real humans too.. not particularly special and not entirely for our consumption. And while that is something I respect…

When they decide to do things like write a book, it’s like?? You had one medium, why are you whoring out for others when you’re basically providing the SAME content on both??? Be decent guys. And you are not writers!, so please stop going in over your head just because your friends keep mentioning it as their favorite book.. they’re YouTubers too, isn’t that some indication enough??

Now, maybe I came from reading a lovely Orwell (Aspidistra) but the writing in this book was atrociously. It keeps doing that thing where people keep inserting try-hard funny things (about wildly separate things) in brackets in the middle of what’s supposed to be prose.. except it’s not a blog, it’s a book.


Also this book fails miserably at story telling. If you’re not well familiar with Dodie, it’s going to make no rhyme nor reason to you. (Consider yourself saved; it’s purposely not for you.) The chapters in this book are so choppy, there’s no continuation whatsoever or gradual weaving in and out, no connection or order in the chapters, the whole thing is a garbled mess. On top of that, there are so many moments where Dodie fails to come across as a person that uses her brain in any measure. Just how is she satisfied with such simple, un-thoughtout, societal dictated life decisions and values is beyond me. ‘Alcohol is just.. fun but just maybe bad later. God just.. doesn’t feel like it. Let’s go spend some more time dishing secrets with my friends!’

Maybe I’m bitter.

If i force to have a better outlook, this was strange to me because I’m such an introvert and Dodie is an extrovert. And my secrets are usually ugly; I’m not really excited to share them?

A good thing- the chapters on alco(h)ol and sex. They were so completely bare and for a dummy in both those things(me) it was nice! Not nice that it’s so rare for the reality of those things to be talked about, but nice that she wrote em like that. Annd it put me off alco(h)ol in a big way because i do not like the idea of loosing control. (How does anybody?? I like drugs tho? Strange.) Yay for alco(h)ol I guess(me).

I also resonated a lot with the ‘Feeling too much’ chapter because I’m exactly that kind of an overwhelmed human. Same with the things about the past. One thing though, I thought this book would delve into her dissociation more but it didn’t. I disappointed.

Back to the bad parts: the guest writings.. they were EVEN worse. Congrats dodie.

Did I even like anything else? There were pictures and collages but that felt like such an unnecessary extra(not in a good way). Like that Lily Singh book that had so many spread of Lily’s photo-shoots. If these YouTubers want their fans to have multiple physical spreads of their face, why don’t they just include wall posters like teen magazines do? Would be infinitely better. (Don’t you think??)


this was my fav

Money makes such tools of people.

Guess I’m just a stingy person. (Or just critical. You choose. Don’t hurt me.)

Soo, am i a very horrible person with no chance of redemption or do you slightly/partially agree? The sheer amount of bleedingly bad and not needed YouTuber books makes it hard to give them the pass for it. Even if they are not the scum of the scum, why can’t we expect all creators to genuinely uphold their values for what they put out? Leave a comment if you have a comment! We will chat!

Lots of love to everyone except YouTubers who write books,


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